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Monday, September 26, 2011


i have my ups and downs..
i fall, i bled, i get up,
i've been jugglin my life for as long as i can remember
my life has taught me what is the true spirit means
and i have seen too many hurts
im scared watchin n feelin it happened esp to those who matters to me

i try to ask myself when it comes to man

  • 'do i need to look at his look?'

no, me and him will get old, wrinkly..when im all wrinkled later, what will happened to me (& future child(ren)

  • 'do i need to look at his dough?'

havin dough is delicious. I gotto admit that but when that particular time came where me n my husband-then havin the family's economy recession, what will happened to me (n maybe future child(ren) 

  • 'do i need to look at his status?'

if im gonna havin someone who'll be lookin down upon people who is less fortunate.. and being in his circle gonna make me feel like i'll never gonna fit in..that'll be painful 

all of these wouldn't gimme the security that i need..i try to search n goin through all the noble books, sites, quotes from public figures to help me make wise thinkin.. only 1 can give me assurance.. i come up with this..


only the faith of a man will make him stop and think again when he wanted to cheat or doin adultery or everything which is unlawful. Only Allah can give him love, can open his heart, can reminds him of whats the real muslim supposed to behave and act. Therefore a man needs to always keep his relationship with God, then the great chain reaction will has its fair share to family, other people, animals and plant (;P). The vertical and horizontal relationship. Its hard to find men in this class nowadays so that's Y i keep tellin my mom and younger bro to look 4 me when they started to utter the word 'marriage' (sapa nak tgk anak gadis dia kawen lambat kan..its malay culture ehe;P)



"perempuan baik - baik hanya untuk lelaki - lelaki yang baik - baik juga kan", 

so i owez think about myself when i started to pinpoint the fault of a man..
i guess true man knows and will try to upgrade himself from time to time too:)

For something as settled down i trust my mom with everything.. n i hope the one who got my mom's approval wouldnt crash her trust upon him.. cuz i think I Have Enough Of Drama in My Life. I want to be free from things that i know i can avoid to be in it (-ve thingy). I dont need toxic in my life anymore neither do people around me while we're strivin to get better in time..

this song never gets old to me..its uplifting. Thank Q Mary J. Blige for this (like u even read this LOL;P)


^_________^ <3 

u guys may have seen this, the video of a golden couple tryin to figure out their new webcam.. its hilarious, cute and sweet at the same time..she keeps up with his burpin, yawnin etc and he seems like still couldnt get her lovely wife enough until now..this is love forever..

efy lois


Hood Kamil said...


Hood Kamil said...

well said..huhu...what he promise,he still keep it and will do it..i dont think he wont disappoint u again and ur mom.

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