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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Workgear n Twitter

Oh its the day when u feel so good to start your week..
When there is no 'Monday Blues' hummin into your head..
Ure feelin so motivated and light-hearted
In a time like this
i'll get up n put on my best new clothes in the wardrobe..


..Here it is..

My 2nd Baju Raya.. i'd made it into workgear on this last Monday..oh dear, plz dont get bored by seeing the words 'raya' again.. i just want to make the plot of this entry goin well ;D . If your mom and aunty sew your baju Raya that looks good on U yet U still doesnt feel happy..Babe, i dont know what to say anymore but i can give U ..perhaps..a lil soft slap (*shout* They had save your BUCKS okay so that u wouldnt be broke just for the sake of fashion and now u can spend your fortune by donatin 'em to the less fortunate if u dont know how to spell the rest of your moolah anymore;P) . opss terbebel panjang..sorry;D ; 


my Baju Raya here is inspired by;

Scalop + Bow neckline = Old Blossom Box raya collection (OBB) & Cala qisya
Buttoned Backside & Wrist of the Baju Kurung = Button My Button
Gold Satin Shawl, inner neck & Fabrics = Jalan Tar bebeh;D

I have been a fan of Jezmine Zaidan since i discovered her like more than a year before.. her design just oh so dreamy, sugar-y .. makin me think of 'Alice In the Wonderland' kind-of-thing *droolin*. Scallop and Bow have always been her trademark, while Cala Qisya by the Farah's is quite competent in makin a new twist and fresh ideas of Baju Raya in an affordable price, i think. In the meantime, Button My Button's Raya Collection is called 'Raya In The City' (ooh so much for me who realy Raya in the City for all the wrong reason;P) by Shahida Sharif. Do Check her blog out if u can't make it to her boutique..cuz the collection is just oh Gorgeousss! Gorgeous! Gorgeous! design, fabrics and price (too ehe;P) for the uber ladies. Juliana Evans, Natasha Hudson are among the few celebrities who wore this collection. All of this household names have a knack of lil vintage touch mix brilliantly with the 'in' trend..in my opinion

For the shawl, i really really love this GOLD satin shawl..i realy intended to wear Satin Shawl and did my blogshopp walkin for it before the raya..i found the price is quite higher in the blogshop though, so i did buy 1 from Hiaz Boutique but didnt wear it for raya (later;P). So, while i did my flash shoppin at Jalan Tar n saw this Gold Satin Shawl, i quickly grabbed it. Its only RM10. So much cheaper and boy how i never regret in purchasin it cuz the color feels n looks so rich n shines just right under the yellow dim or plain light:) 

oh dearie before i forget

plz do follow my Twitter

i'd put my Twitter button on this right sidebar.. Im a newbie in it so i feel its quite bored to be in twitter without many people to tweet2 with. I think rite now, im startin to fall in love with Twitter cuz i can read when my fav Riri (rihanna) tweet, jue evans, ne-yo, kim kardashian..idk it feel so close yet they're so far.. and the moment when Nelly is trending on twitter after performin a concert in Suara Kami event. til next entry. In Twitter u can also update your status every second without people think u're crazy + all the startlin major changes that FB has goin through right now, i think im slowly movin into 'Team Twitter' hehe..until then as salam n much love from me.




Hood Kamil said...

amboih...dah mcm model dah honey money aku nih..haha

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