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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pre-eid moment (episode 2)

as salam..

Olla, now that the techy prob is solved..so, i think its the time for the 2nd episode (since im seldom update this blog, i think i better take the whole advantage of my mood =P)

so, i said before that i'll recommend few blogs that i think are among the best that ive discovered so far .. and what else can beat it if u can realy walk into the retail blogshops store physically not virtually! oh boy my eyes n thirst has fullfilled finally..how awesome! ehe.. what im ramblin about is...

take a look at this..i went to 

Offline Blogshop (check it out for the location 'wink'

to quench my blog fashion thirst.. 

its at the times square.. in there, u can find the stuff from a plenty of beautiful online blogshop all in 1 store.. i bought few stuffs from few collection there..

rawr that leopard printed chiffon top.. i must admit i was so tempted to touch
and to buy hoho but since i already bought others items, so ive to clinch on my
plan budget..n i put it back on the rack.. T_T
Apart from compliment your asian skintone
yellow light also can make your skin looks tired, i think
(rupa kekurangan gizi saya ini adalah satu tribute tuk mangsa kebuluran di Somalia)
i know how does it feels being in hunger (puasa) T_T
its all beautiful for mall-standard items
i was mesmerized by the array
tada time for payin the bills..
there u go the offline blogshop

hoho dear, im a sucker for pocket-friendly garments.. my motto (ada moto bagai;P) in buyin any item is..

make sure every penny worth the item

cuz apart from buyin our own stuff, we've another responsibilities held to our account, havent u?  i dont know bout u, but i do..so like i said.. choose wisely :)

im not a newbie in these china,korean,hong kong, singapore, taiwan items.. been discoverin n wearin it since my teen-hood..( i was freehair back then hoho=P)..so, i just wanna conclude here that never expect the quality is as fabulous as the already-built-up brand (u know 'em).. but its pretty fine n just nice.. just need some wit to wear..

u can still look expensive with the cheap items (oh the pre-loved / bundle/ garage sale lovers will nod their head with this ehe;P).. 


malaysia do  have yellow cabs too bebeh haha;P
cardi = RM 10, bag = RM 40, waist up pant = RM 20
its all only below  RM 100! :-) 

cant wait to go there again and again and to hunt another gorgeous stores lalalala ...

-until another episode- (belagak penerbit drama sket ehe;P)

-efy lois-


Hood Kamil said...

ehehe..i suke cara u bercerita...i pun nak beli belah la kat offline shop...kekeke..beli angry bird!

starry_angel said...

silakan wat gak blog banyak2

Hood Kamil said...

hahaha..skit sudah..=p

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