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Friday, September 16, 2011

Couch Talkin

@ adeq Eid Open House with this lil star ^_^

Assalamualaikum and a Happy-smooth-rainy day dearie visitors..

Its rainin here right now while im updatin this.. hows the weather there? ^_^

In a rainy day..for me, nothing can beat the warmthness that u'll feel but havin some sugar treat with your favourite type of paperback. In my case, i love chic-lit paperbacks from any best selling author.. like 'The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weiseberger, but i didnt read this actualy (;P).. i read her another paperback that is

source: Google

and right now i am on this one...
Dates, Mates, & Chocolate Cheat
with the real cube choc slices dear! 

MOOD : Goyang - Goyang Kaki..Senang Hati (;P)

Activities of The Day :
  1. go to adeq openhouse.Tick. Done
  2. go to Old Blossom Box -Jezmine Zaidan (my fav designer<3) Fashion Show in KLCC. [In My Dream..not enough moolah, no company T______T ]. *b/b : next year(;P)
  3.  Finishin the 'Mates, Dates, and Chocolate Cheats'. Progressin (;P)

Hypothesis : The more Public Holiday in Malaysia, the more enjoyable events each
                    Malaysian will have.      
Conclusion : what a doomed hypothesis!. ( clearly not a rocket science hikhik T_T)
Proof        : fun metre = average

Adjective of The Day : THANKFUL IN AN A - GRADE (gred bagai;P)
(God.. Thanks so much for the Open house.. after all, i still can say that this Holiday isnt so plain..at least!) *sigh*..

sincerely thankful.. Thank You Allah for still givin me chance to breathe n remindin myself of how lucky i am comparin to those who is less fortunate or is more fortunate but sufferin in heart :-)

Conclusion : I have a smooth, warming Day (big light-hearted smile)


Its Sept, 16th. Malaysia is havin the "Malaysia Day" in as remembrance for havin Sabah, Sarawak n Semenanjug Malaysia or East Coast and West Coast united to perform a country namely..

(oh yah there u go, my brief history lecture..guys, learnin history in school turns out to be quite handy at times..hahaha. ok i better stop;P)

Thats the event if were using the christian calendar.. but in Muslim Calendar..today is the 16 of syawal.. means i can still talk about raya (belum cita basi lagi kan ehe) n it means of course, openhouses are still available out there..like adeq, my officemate openhouse today.. do u know got invited to openhouses will make a day of someone especially for a potential migrant  (;P)..its better dari berdendang perantau (kesian T_T), so yeah..held the openhouse.. i mean it..buat..buatt.. buat pahala bebanyak eheheh

For those other potential migrants who's still have your nuclear family back there in your lovely hometown,  u can still have a bashin raya by goin out..hang out with your friends..have all those tiny bites that uve been longin for since the past few weeks..loosen up n most of all open your heart..tellin yourself from time to time.. that ure never alone although ure alone, literally on the land of '-only-you-know-' ehe, u will always have your God with you. 

Be thankful, maybe there're lot of people out there who are secretly wishin they go to the place u went to, they eat they dishes that u ate n doin all the stuff that u did. Be thankful to God for still givin u a day to think, to breathe, to hear the sound of the birds, the evening breeze (oh i like this the most<3;P) to eat and to reflect everything that u did so far in order to get the next progression ure workin on)

Happiness is an adjective..its significant..for me it doesnt matter what is the size of celebration u do in every festive event..what count is u happy..ure savourin the moment with those who matters to you..so i just do what i do best.. hang out with my closest mates in reach :-)

u must have read/ heard on 'how to get away with free stuff during shoppin'
somewhere,havent u..try it..haha the feelin is quite like a
mischievious joy. i love doin this kinda stuff ehehe;P

then go eating
munchin on Big Apple doughnuts..inhalin some sugar needed into system ^_^

move on, snap again
mustard floral ribbon chiffon kurung is from
 Cala Qisya
i cant help but just gotto love the bow twist..fresh idea! ^_^

 and be thankful 2 God for still havin those who will always supports u thtough thick and thin n matters to you


Hood Kamil said...

baru sempat baca...i like pic2 tu...ehehe

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