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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

calm...i cant remember the last ive a diary, so i jotted down everything here:P

Wednesday, Aug 18th,2010, 8.43pm

My heart's feelin calm at this mOment..Thank Q Allah..the last time i wrote here my heart was so washed out.. everything felt like had wearin me out..all the skeleton ive been holdin in..n then i went to sleep..afterwards i woke up with a new feelin..its like you,God has answered all my written prayer. I can accept the destiny that u wrote for me up there..maybe this is it..klu inilah Qada' & Qadar yg Engkau tuliskan untuk aku..aku akur. ive been prayin everyday, n yah hOw stubborn n persistence was this heart..still hOpin actualy deep inside..til i think i couldnt believe myself ive been actin so prOfesiOnally for the hOpe while my heart was so crazzzzzyyyyy!!..i always like that yah..try everything i could to get what i wanted..but im lettin it gO now..n oh God i can tell hOw calm i am now..tank Q..i feel so blessful n loved by You:((

1st class at the new buildin..too bad my camera wasnt so good..it made the pix so yellowish! ahaks:P

So right now..i dont wanna think bout other things that i cant do anything bOut it..but for this love thing..im dOne. Tomorrow, i wish for anOther great day..im a girl who has been chasing fOr my stars since im a little..n i wouldnt stOp..time to cOntinue the walk.. oh my Starssss.. Your'e sO amazinnnnnnnnnn!! n God oh plz make this feelin forever
dlm hati, ada taman! hahaha:P

i realy2 like this English Garden cOncept.. hOpe, if im gOin to have a hOuse one day..i'll apply this cOncept.. its so beautiful.. (^_^)

again..tryin tO act in front of the camera..actualy i love this shop so
much n ugh im sooooooooooo lOveee Old Town ad...it so classic
reminds me that safe feelin :)

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