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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Hunny Bunny

assalamualaikum wbt..greetings everyone..

Today my magic mood has come.. I will do some series update of my blog here all in one time;P.. 
so,it'll begin with this post about my Hunny Bunny



What on earth is that?

its my purchased favourite stuffs which manage to make me turn jolly like a lil fatso piggin on their food ehehe

  • Meet my Super Yumsy Dove Chocolate.. its my Aprhodisiac (besides Belacan yeay). 

this is the crispy one. This baby comes in 4 flavours. I prefer the original Milk Chocolate flavour and on the pix is my second fav. But i managed to snap only this flavour cuz I ALREADY ATE THE MILK CHOC flavour. Sedap x tahan tunggu lama2 ma..tergoda tengok! ehehe

First of all, i never knew there is other product call DOVE besides shampoo/conditioner/ hair  treatment stuff(;P) until i read the blog of the suwit muwit top lifestyle blogger, Hanis Zalikha. Being the ambassador for the brand it is, so she talks about it..n me? as the chocolate lover definitely get tempted to try.. (oho pengaruh celebrity nampaknye memang kuat kat saya ye heysh heysh;P). Chocolate triggers the happy hormone, serotonine..therefore, just pick a bar to kick the blues away when u feel under the weather or under the pms ngee 'wink' or just to get cheery ngee (^_^)V. 

psst..Hanis did reply to my comment on her fb wall when i commented how i like her as much as i like the Dove Choc..just gotto love a woman with beauty & brain! too bad i didnt managed to print screen em here.. haha ciwi sgt aku dwatnye dibalas oleh keknis yg top tu aggaga;P 

Yah as u can see, this baby is so cheap, RM 25 for original price cuz Yuna and her friends as the owner of the boutique itself is the authorized dealer for this line in Malaysia. I got the 'duit raya' packet as the place where they put my balance money and the iamjetfuel scarves box as the packagin. They put this baby in there together with the tag oho. Sorry ive to put the OBB business card too there cuz i just like it n dang, Its super cute..even the biz card yay!!! ekekekeke <3<3

  • Jeffrey Campbell inspired Shoe from Agape Boutique ( ohhh superrr loveeeeee!!)

i gotto tell u guys, this boutique has the collection of shoes that'll make u go 

OOoohhhhh.... Aaahhhhhh *droolin*;P

especially for a Stiletto / Heels lovers

the collection is so dang delicious, tempting, super duper fabulous in a superb, affordable price!! Go check em out yourself..huhu.. hot..even i am now thinkn about wanna purchasin more..duh!

enough say..its vintage, kitschy and oh super cuteeeee

  • Simply Siti C Bright 5 Cream

ive been using Tia Amelia line for about 2 years but only the sunblock foundation though.. then my face got bloated til i dont think i can suffered any longer. So, i try this one, i thought it was a whitening product all in 5 action. rupa2nya brightenin product like the Sunblock foundation that i used to apply. But whats the good news is, my face doesnt get bloated anymore when im using this. Moreover, the main reason why i choose to use this simply sity line, is for its 'halalan toyyiba'. Its the best approved Halal product mentioned in Halal magz. We need to be aware that the discussion about the halal / haram make up line which is tend to leave its mark eventhough we had perfomed the wudhu is varied among the scholars. klu make up tu ada bahan2 haram, camana dengan solat kita masa tu sah ke x.. so, thats Y i decide on this line..im still on the quest to find the best halal whitening product for my face though hukhuk.

so, alright dearie, i guess this is it for now.. til next update


efy lois


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