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Tuesday, September 6, 2011


hoho assalamualaikum n good afternoon ladies and gentleman
haha readin my schematic introduction..

im caffeine-high during right now
caffeine + me = Hell
yah who's with me (throw your hands up in the air)
i took a sachet of regular nescafe 3 in 1 at the office today to kick start my day (konon2nya).. i dont know why i did eventhough i knew long time before that im so bad with it.. i took it anyway

...and now....

been in and out of the washroom twice (opss err too many info? sorry ehe;D)
but whats good out of this 


i got the mood to update u baby! (sambil mengusap2 blog kikiki;P)



i did a lot of blogwalkin..only blogshops anyway n the fashion clan (wink).. its my newlyfound favourite pastime..which can make u broke..be careful (oh i need to pinch n remind myself from time to time) so for all those tight budget household..choose the best..make sure..choose the best blogshop n garment that suits u.. n i got few blogs to recommend here hehe ^_^

webcam-whorin @ the office ngee
leo pashmina from Hiaz Boutique

i got a lil bit excited at this time for tryin to do the 'turban-style-wrap' hijab ..i did it n it covered the chest (mcm x pernah wat je gamaknye ehe;P).. seriously, though it didnt show in the picture due to my position(:P) ..im like YEAH!  :-)


im a total supporter for this campaign.. 

tryin to eye the current tide of hijabista trend..i can guarantee u its hard to find the the hijab style that covers the chest.. i c it only put on by a few..oh maybe one that apply it consistently..its Aishah Amin... check her out.. for a hijab fashionista follower..u sure know her..dont u? ^_^

lets just tryin to apply the real way of wearin hijab..

WEAR IT RIGHT, DEARIES..wear it right.. 
lets make the effort together

we cannot be riya'.. so im callin with all humbleness inside to myself and u to keep on wear it right.. i know it may will take a lil time to find the  wrap styles that stay 'in' but at the same time cover the chest but (i do all the time) but stays firmly on whats right.. no matter how hard it is..who knows u might come up with a new invention n others try it..then Voila, the circle of rightness will begins (oh paradise!) ehe



so, cuz im wearin this beautiful pashmina from Hiaz Boutique, the owner, Azila Hilme featured me in her precious customer album with the rest of her other customers.. n oh my, to my surprised a gorgeous model, nyssa is her name whom always models in dara compliment the wrap style n do a tutorial (im literally got blew away by the fact of a gorgeous lady asked me haha kesian;P)

now 2nd episode;P... hurm maybe to be continued..got a lol techy prob here ngee:D


Hood Kamil said...

promotion kearah kebaikan...gud2...i promote to others la ur blog mcm nih..=)

starry_angel said...

silakan..silakan..suke sgt..promotelah:)

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