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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

i love you

from a sincere heart..

wanna say this..

if u promisin somethin to your loved ones or those dear to you, plz keep it

love other people..then the love will come back to you

love the family, flower, love the birds, love the cat, love the children..love the hawker, love your frens, yr collegues, your boss, your teacher, your counselor (wink) ahh just love the world, then you will smile girl from your heart

for migrator..the coolest thing parent can give to their children is sending them abroad,

later then they will appreciate variety, hardworking, spirit n will power n it will open their eyes and heart (hopefully)

be positive..

accept the way you are yet try to improve yourself from time to time

accept people the way they are cuz u wanted em to do the same too

if u believe in gud thing..Allah will make it gud 4 u.. yr mind n heart will be in peace..

begin with the end in mind

make your heart shines.. 

u will be pretty inside out..

u will glow like the stars just like your heart glow brightly..

Love Allah..love your God.. Love all ALlah's messenger..

never stops hoping and keep on believin..

in facin hardship..keep on keepin on..

there will always gonna be people out there who loves n cares bout you..


Hood Kamil said...


Hood Kamil said...

i like dis posttt...=)

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