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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Episode 3 : My Eid Eve (awak yg kat dalam DARA ke;P)


mula2 bukak post, terus pasang air mata..ape kes..ape kes ni? kes x lek raya la..ape lagi! aduhai..

so actualy i dont've an official eid eve.. but i went and did my raya shoppin too at the Jalan Masjid India - Sogo ( x nak kalah ..nak gak dikatakan dapat beraya, padahal lara di hati ekeke;P), and there u go..i call this as..

*menari2 n menyanyi ala spongebob (haha kesian;P)

since i didnt go back to my hometown, so i celebrated raya in the city..
oh, Raya In The City ( oh yeah make it sounds uber and cool enough tuk cover hati sendiri ngehehe;P)

!owkay, stop, snap, back to reality!

i didnt go back home, i worked my a** off during this recent eid. enough say :-)

now before u scroll down..im warning u guys here.. u may got sick by the amount of my pix below..


ure still scrollin...?

now, dont say i didnt warn u..

plz dont get sick of me (givin puppy eye look ehe)
O_O <-- pandangan berkaca2

so, here's my journey caught with 3.2 m/pix mobile cam..brought no camera, so walla, there it goes the output are..
may i begin with a toothy smile plz
cuz a friend who snapped this said he
kinda likes a lil 'let-loose' posse..(natural la konon kot bagi dia;P)

in compose (kononla;P)

im in love with this flowy green chiffon maxi..
makin me feel like i was walkin on air everytime cuz
its so flowy lalalala

now i couldnt stop myself from wanted to come to the offline blogshop again.. so i did sight seeing the 1st avenue.. there're a lot of nice n trendy stores there (besides OU i guess) to walk into or maybe just for your eye-candy pleasure like i did here.. browsin.. oh window shoppin.. yes i am a girl! ehe;P

u can find all the pretty necklace here that u might see in
blogshops out there..like i said before nothing can beat it if
u can c it, touch it, n judge it with all your senses, cant u?  ^_^

here i had a kinda vintage bag.. great for a small-size-vintage-bag lovers

and another array of tops

told u i couldnt stop myself from wanted to go back again to offline blogshop but my friend stop my craziness (thank Goodness, u cant be an impulsive shopper okay!), so i membuang tabiat dengan snappin pix in front of the store (;P).. nway what i bought from there during the previous day (episode 1;P) are these..

green chiffon maxi from agape boutique

paperdoll with red top necklace that im wearin in the pix above is from Die Heart Fashion, gold satin shawl at the background? i can sell the same if u want guys ngee:D

at the very first time i discovered thiDie Heart Fashion blogshop.. i went .....

oh la la

i dont know.. im just soo love the whole concept, the presentation, the layout of the blog 

and when i  came accross this vintage necklace i gave more

oh la la

cuz ive been searchin for nicely-drape vintage necklace:)

and for the agape boutique, it sells a lot of temptin shoes but u might wanted to c it n judge it physically at the offline blogshop.. for your own wise judgement yah..cuz like all the online blogshop tells their keen customers, items might be slightly different due to a lighting n editing workmanship..nahh didnt say their stuff are bad though cuz i bought this fav maxi also from em..simply, u might wanna go there, puaskan ati sendiri..nilai sendiri 100% ehe :-)

did u go to Jalan TAR too in doin your last-minute raya shoppin or just to get all the auction price..? i went n to my surprised it wasn't as hectic as i expected (wahh). I bought just nice RM10 top at this 1 store that sellin like goreng pisang panas .. laku giler.. i managed to slip my slinky figure inside n when i was browsin at the top displayed, one of the the retail saler asked me,

"err awak yang kat dalam DARA ke?" asked with all the look on her face

 i was like..



it was a pretty much well known magazine..  did she just askin me like she had seen my face on the spread? Gosh!

 of course i quickly denied. me? this petite me? hahhaa!

so, underneath the crowd and self-persuasion eid shoppin.. i think i'd managed to get quite enlightening experience to prepare myself for a blue-collar-part time job during the 1 week of raya after that.. there u go,


there're still a lot in this world to cherish, dear :-)

-efy lois-


Hood Kamil said...

hahahhaa...this was the best entry i read from u...keke..maybe i was there di tempat kejadian buat i terkenang balik all those situation happen...=p

starry_angel said...

huehu yelah the photographerla kan..perlu sgt upgrade skill ni..makin me look better;P

Hood Kamil said...

u already look stunning in any pose..=) its not me or any who took ur pic..btw..pic yg 1stdalam entry ni i paling suke..=)

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