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Monday, September 26, 2011


i have my ups and downs..
i fall, i bled, i get up,
i've been jugglin my life for as long as i can remember
my life has taught me what is the true spirit means
and i have seen too many hurts
im scared watchin n feelin it happened esp to those who matters to me

i try to ask myself when it comes to man

  • 'do i need to look at his look?'

no, me and him will get old, wrinkly..when im all wrinkled later, what will happened to me (& future child(ren)

  • 'do i need to look at his dough?'

havin dough is delicious. I gotto admit that but when that particular time came where me n my husband-then havin the family's economy recession, what will happened to me (n maybe future child(ren) 

  • 'do i need to look at his status?'

if im gonna havin someone who'll be lookin down upon people who is less fortunate.. and being in his circle gonna make me feel like i'll never gonna fit in..that'll be painful 

all of these wouldn't gimme the security that i need..i try to search n goin through all the noble books, sites, quotes from public figures to help me make wise thinkin.. only 1 can give me assurance.. i come up with this..


only the faith of a man will make him stop and think again when he wanted to cheat or doin adultery or everything which is unlawful. Only Allah can give him love, can open his heart, can reminds him of whats the real muslim supposed to behave and act. Therefore a man needs to always keep his relationship with God, then the great chain reaction will has its fair share to family, other people, animals and plant (;P). The vertical and horizontal relationship. Its hard to find men in this class nowadays so that's Y i keep tellin my mom and younger bro to look 4 me when they started to utter the word 'marriage' (sapa nak tgk anak gadis dia kawen lambat kan..its malay culture ehe;P)



"perempuan baik - baik hanya untuk lelaki - lelaki yang baik - baik juga kan", 

so i owez think about myself when i started to pinpoint the fault of a man..
i guess true man knows and will try to upgrade himself from time to time too:)

For something as settled down i trust my mom with everything.. n i hope the one who got my mom's approval wouldnt crash her trust upon him.. cuz i think I Have Enough Of Drama in My Life. I want to be free from things that i know i can avoid to be in it (-ve thingy). I dont need toxic in my life anymore neither do people around me while we're strivin to get better in time..

this song never gets old to me..its uplifting. Thank Q Mary J. Blige for this (like u even read this LOL;P)


^_________^ <3 

u guys may have seen this, the video of a golden couple tryin to figure out their new webcam.. its hilarious, cute and sweet at the same time..she keeps up with his burpin, yawnin etc and he seems like still couldnt get her lovely wife enough until now..this is love forever..

efy lois

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Workgear n Twitter

Oh its the day when u feel so good to start your week..
When there is no 'Monday Blues' hummin into your head..
Ure feelin so motivated and light-hearted
In a time like this
i'll get up n put on my best new clothes in the wardrobe..


..Here it is..

My 2nd Baju Raya.. i'd made it into workgear on this last Monday..oh dear, plz dont get bored by seeing the words 'raya' again.. i just want to make the plot of this entry goin well ;D . If your mom and aunty sew your baju Raya that looks good on U yet U still doesnt feel happy..Babe, i dont know what to say anymore but i can give U ..perhaps..a lil soft slap (*shout* They had save your BUCKS okay so that u wouldnt be broke just for the sake of fashion and now u can spend your fortune by donatin 'em to the less fortunate if u dont know how to spell the rest of your moolah anymore;P) . opss terbebel panjang..sorry;D ; 


my Baju Raya here is inspired by;

Scalop + Bow neckline = Old Blossom Box raya collection (OBB) & Cala qisya
Buttoned Backside & Wrist of the Baju Kurung = Button My Button
Gold Satin Shawl, inner neck & Fabrics = Jalan Tar bebeh;D

I have been a fan of Jezmine Zaidan since i discovered her like more than a year before.. her design just oh so dreamy, sugar-y .. makin me think of 'Alice In the Wonderland' kind-of-thing *droolin*. Scallop and Bow have always been her trademark, while Cala Qisya by the Farah's is quite competent in makin a new twist and fresh ideas of Baju Raya in an affordable price, i think. In the meantime, Button My Button's Raya Collection is called 'Raya In The City' (ooh so much for me who realy Raya in the City for all the wrong reason;P) by Shahida Sharif. Do Check her blog out if u can't make it to her boutique..cuz the collection is just oh Gorgeousss! Gorgeous! Gorgeous! design, fabrics and price (too ehe;P) for the uber ladies. Juliana Evans, Natasha Hudson are among the few celebrities who wore this collection. All of this household names have a knack of lil vintage touch mix brilliantly with the 'in' trend..in my opinion

For the shawl, i really really love this GOLD satin shawl..i realy intended to wear Satin Shawl and did my blogshopp walkin for it before the raya..i found the price is quite higher in the blogshop though, so i did buy 1 from Hiaz Boutique but didnt wear it for raya (later;P). So, while i did my flash shoppin at Jalan Tar n saw this Gold Satin Shawl, i quickly grabbed it. Its only RM10. So much cheaper and boy how i never regret in purchasin it cuz the color feels n looks so rich n shines just right under the yellow dim or plain light:) 

oh dearie before i forget

plz do follow my Twitter

i'd put my Twitter button on this right sidebar.. Im a newbie in it so i feel its quite bored to be in twitter without many people to tweet2 with. I think rite now, im startin to fall in love with Twitter cuz i can read when my fav Riri (rihanna) tweet, jue evans, ne-yo, kim kardashian..idk it feel so close yet they're so far.. and the moment when Nelly is trending on twitter after performin a concert in Suara Kami event. til next entry. In Twitter u can also update your status every second without people think u're crazy + all the startlin major changes that FB has goin through right now, i think im slowly movin into 'Team Twitter' hehe..until then as salam n much love from me.



Friday, September 16, 2011

Couch Talkin

@ adeq Eid Open House with this lil star ^_^

Assalamualaikum and a Happy-smooth-rainy day dearie visitors..

Its rainin here right now while im updatin this.. hows the weather there? ^_^

In a rainy day..for me, nothing can beat the warmthness that u'll feel but havin some sugar treat with your favourite type of paperback. In my case, i love chic-lit paperbacks from any best selling author.. like 'The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weiseberger, but i didnt read this actualy (;P).. i read her another paperback that is

source: Google

and right now i am on this one...
Dates, Mates, & Chocolate Cheat
with the real cube choc slices dear! 

MOOD : Goyang - Goyang Kaki..Senang Hati (;P)

Activities of The Day :
  1. go to adeq openhouse.Tick. Done
  2. go to Old Blossom Box -Jezmine Zaidan (my fav designer<3) Fashion Show in KLCC. [In My Dream..not enough moolah, no company T______T ]. *b/b : next year(;P)
  3.  Finishin the 'Mates, Dates, and Chocolate Cheats'. Progressin (;P)

Hypothesis : The more Public Holiday in Malaysia, the more enjoyable events each
                    Malaysian will have.      
Conclusion : what a doomed hypothesis!. ( clearly not a rocket science hikhik T_T)
Proof        : fun metre = average

Adjective of The Day : THANKFUL IN AN A - GRADE (gred bagai;P)
(God.. Thanks so much for the Open house.. after all, i still can say that this Holiday isnt so plain..at least!) *sigh*..

sincerely thankful.. Thank You Allah for still givin me chance to breathe n remindin myself of how lucky i am comparin to those who is less fortunate or is more fortunate but sufferin in heart :-)

Conclusion : I have a smooth, warming Day (big light-hearted smile)


Its Sept, 16th. Malaysia is havin the "Malaysia Day" in as remembrance for havin Sabah, Sarawak n Semenanjug Malaysia or East Coast and West Coast united to perform a country namely..

(oh yah there u go, my brief history lecture..guys, learnin history in school turns out to be quite handy at times..hahaha. ok i better stop;P)

Thats the event if were using the christian calendar.. but in Muslim Calendar..today is the 16 of syawal.. means i can still talk about raya (belum cita basi lagi kan ehe) n it means of course, openhouses are still available out there..like adeq, my officemate openhouse today.. do u know got invited to openhouses will make a day of someone especially for a potential migrant  (;P)..its better dari berdendang perantau (kesian T_T), so yeah..held the openhouse.. i mean it..buat..buatt.. buat pahala bebanyak eheheh

For those other potential migrants who's still have your nuclear family back there in your lovely hometown,  u can still have a bashin raya by goin out..hang out with your friends..have all those tiny bites that uve been longin for since the past few weeks..loosen up n most of all open your heart..tellin yourself from time to time.. that ure never alone although ure alone, literally on the land of '-only-you-know-' ehe, u will always have your God with you. 

Be thankful, maybe there're lot of people out there who are secretly wishin they go to the place u went to, they eat they dishes that u ate n doin all the stuff that u did. Be thankful to God for still givin u a day to think, to breathe, to hear the sound of the birds, the evening breeze (oh i like this the most<3;P) to eat and to reflect everything that u did so far in order to get the next progression ure workin on)

Happiness is an adjective..its significant..for me it doesnt matter what is the size of celebration u do in every festive event..what count is u happy..ure savourin the moment with those who matters to you..so i just do what i do best.. hang out with my closest mates in reach :-)

u must have read/ heard on 'how to get away with free stuff during shoppin'
somewhere,havent u..try it..haha the feelin is quite like a
mischievious joy. i love doin this kinda stuff ehehe;P

then go eating
munchin on Big Apple doughnuts..inhalin some sugar needed into system ^_^

move on, snap again
mustard floral ribbon chiffon kurung is from
 Cala Qisya
i cant help but just gotto love the bow twist..fresh idea! ^_^

 and be thankful 2 God for still havin those who will always supports u thtough thick and thin n matters to you

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Episode 3 : My Eid Eve (awak yg kat dalam DARA ke;P)


mula2 bukak post, terus pasang air mata..ape kes..ape kes ni? kes x lek raya la..ape lagi! aduhai..

so actualy i dont've an official eid eve.. but i went and did my raya shoppin too at the Jalan Masjid India - Sogo ( x nak kalah ..nak gak dikatakan dapat beraya, padahal lara di hati ekeke;P), and there u go..i call this as..

*menari2 n menyanyi ala spongebob (haha kesian;P)

since i didnt go back to my hometown, so i celebrated raya in the city..
oh, Raya In The City ( oh yeah make it sounds uber and cool enough tuk cover hati sendiri ngehehe;P)

!owkay, stop, snap, back to reality!

i didnt go back home, i worked my a** off during this recent eid. enough say :-)

now before u scroll down..im warning u guys here.. u may got sick by the amount of my pix below..


ure still scrollin...?

now, dont say i didnt warn u..

plz dont get sick of me (givin puppy eye look ehe)
O_O <-- pandangan berkaca2

so, here's my journey caught with 3.2 m/pix mobile cam..brought no camera, so walla, there it goes the output are..
may i begin with a toothy smile plz
cuz a friend who snapped this said he
kinda likes a lil 'let-loose' posse..(natural la konon kot bagi dia;P)

in compose (kononla;P)

im in love with this flowy green chiffon maxi..
makin me feel like i was walkin on air everytime cuz
its so flowy lalalala

now i couldnt stop myself from wanted to come to the offline blogshop again.. so i did sight seeing the 1st avenue.. there're a lot of nice n trendy stores there (besides OU i guess) to walk into or maybe just for your eye-candy pleasure like i did here.. browsin.. oh window shoppin.. yes i am a girl! ehe;P

u can find all the pretty necklace here that u might see in
blogshops out there..like i said before nothing can beat it if
u can c it, touch it, n judge it with all your senses, cant u?  ^_^

here i had a kinda vintage bag.. great for a small-size-vintage-bag lovers

and another array of tops

told u i couldnt stop myself from wanted to go back again to offline blogshop but my friend stop my craziness (thank Goodness, u cant be an impulsive shopper okay!), so i membuang tabiat dengan snappin pix in front of the store (;P).. nway what i bought from there during the previous day (episode 1;P) are these..

green chiffon maxi from agape boutique

paperdoll with red top necklace that im wearin in the pix above is from Die Heart Fashion, gold satin shawl at the background? i can sell the same if u want guys ngee:D

at the very first time i discovered thiDie Heart Fashion blogshop.. i went .....

oh la la

i dont know.. im just soo love the whole concept, the presentation, the layout of the blog 

and when i  came accross this vintage necklace i gave more

oh la la

cuz ive been searchin for nicely-drape vintage necklace:)

and for the agape boutique, it sells a lot of temptin shoes but u might wanted to c it n judge it physically at the offline blogshop.. for your own wise judgement yah..cuz like all the online blogshop tells their keen customers, items might be slightly different due to a lighting n editing workmanship..nahh didnt say their stuff are bad though cuz i bought this fav maxi also from em..simply, u might wanna go there, puaskan ati sendiri..nilai sendiri 100% ehe :-)

did u go to Jalan TAR too in doin your last-minute raya shoppin or just to get all the auction price..? i went n to my surprised it wasn't as hectic as i expected (wahh). I bought just nice RM10 top at this 1 store that sellin like goreng pisang panas .. laku giler.. i managed to slip my slinky figure inside n when i was browsin at the top displayed, one of the the retail saler asked me,

"err awak yang kat dalam DARA ke?" asked with all the look on her face

 i was like..



it was a pretty much well known magazine..  did she just askin me like she had seen my face on the spread? Gosh!

 of course i quickly denied. me? this petite me? hahhaa!

so, underneath the crowd and self-persuasion eid shoppin.. i think i'd managed to get quite enlightening experience to prepare myself for a blue-collar-part time job during the 1 week of raya after that.. there u go,


there're still a lot in this world to cherish, dear :-)

-efy lois-

Pre-eid moment (episode 2)

as salam..

Olla, now that the techy prob is solved..so, i think its the time for the 2nd episode (since im seldom update this blog, i think i better take the whole advantage of my mood =P)

so, i said before that i'll recommend few blogs that i think are among the best that ive discovered so far .. and what else can beat it if u can realy walk into the retail blogshops store physically not virtually! oh boy my eyes n thirst has fullfilled finally..how awesome! ehe.. what im ramblin about is...

take a look at this..i went to 

Offline Blogshop (check it out for the location 'wink'

to quench my blog fashion thirst.. 

its at the times square.. in there, u can find the stuff from a plenty of beautiful online blogshop all in 1 store.. i bought few stuffs from few collection there..

rawr that leopard printed chiffon top.. i must admit i was so tempted to touch
and to buy hoho but since i already bought others items, so ive to clinch on my
plan budget..n i put it back on the rack.. T_T
Apart from compliment your asian skintone
yellow light also can make your skin looks tired, i think
(rupa kekurangan gizi saya ini adalah satu tribute tuk mangsa kebuluran di Somalia)
i know how does it feels being in hunger (puasa) T_T
its all beautiful for mall-standard items
i was mesmerized by the array
tada time for payin the bills..
there u go the offline blogshop

hoho dear, im a sucker for pocket-friendly garments.. my motto (ada moto bagai;P) in buyin any item is..

make sure every penny worth the item

cuz apart from buyin our own stuff, we've another responsibilities held to our account, havent u?  i dont know bout u, but i do..so like i said.. choose wisely :)

im not a newbie in these china,korean,hong kong, singapore, taiwan items.. been discoverin n wearin it since my teen-hood..( i was freehair back then hoho=P)..so, i just wanna conclude here that never expect the quality is as fabulous as the already-built-up brand (u know 'em).. but its pretty fine n just nice.. just need some wit to wear..

u can still look expensive with the cheap items (oh the pre-loved / bundle/ garage sale lovers will nod their head with this ehe;P).. 


malaysia do  have yellow cabs too bebeh haha;P
cardi = RM 10, bag = RM 40, waist up pant = RM 20
its all only below  RM 100! :-) 

cant wait to go there again and again and to hunt another gorgeous stores lalalala ...

-until another episode- (belagak penerbit drama sket ehe;P)

-efy lois-

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


hoho assalamualaikum n good afternoon ladies and gentleman
haha readin my schematic introduction..

im caffeine-high during right now
caffeine + me = Hell
yah who's with me (throw your hands up in the air)
i took a sachet of regular nescafe 3 in 1 at the office today to kick start my day (konon2nya).. i dont know why i did eventhough i knew long time before that im so bad with it.. i took it anyway

...and now....

been in and out of the washroom twice (opss err too many info? sorry ehe;D)
but whats good out of this 


i got the mood to update u baby! (sambil mengusap2 blog kikiki;P)



i did a lot of blogwalkin..only blogshops anyway n the fashion clan (wink).. its my newlyfound favourite pastime..which can make u broke..be careful (oh i need to pinch n remind myself from time to time) so for all those tight budget household..choose the best..make sure..choose the best blogshop n garment that suits u.. n i got few blogs to recommend here hehe ^_^

webcam-whorin @ the office ngee
leo pashmina from Hiaz Boutique

i got a lil bit excited at this time for tryin to do the 'turban-style-wrap' hijab ..i did it n it covered the chest (mcm x pernah wat je gamaknye ehe;P).. seriously, though it didnt show in the picture due to my position(:P) ..im like YEAH!  :-)


im a total supporter for this campaign.. 

tryin to eye the current tide of hijabista trend..i can guarantee u its hard to find the the hijab style that covers the chest.. i c it only put on by a few..oh maybe one that apply it consistently..its Aishah Amin... check her out.. for a hijab fashionista follower..u sure know her..dont u? ^_^

lets just tryin to apply the real way of wearin hijab..

WEAR IT RIGHT, DEARIES..wear it right.. 
lets make the effort together

we cannot be riya'.. so im callin with all humbleness inside to myself and u to keep on wear it right.. i know it may will take a lil time to find the  wrap styles that stay 'in' but at the same time cover the chest but (i do all the time) but stays firmly on whats right.. no matter how hard it is..who knows u might come up with a new invention n others try it..then Voila, the circle of rightness will begins (oh paradise!) ehe



so, cuz im wearin this beautiful pashmina from Hiaz Boutique, the owner, Azila Hilme featured me in her precious customer album with the rest of her other customers.. n oh my, to my surprised a gorgeous model, nyssa is her name whom always models in dara compliment the wrap style n do a tutorial (im literally got blew away by the fact of a gorgeous lady asked me haha kesian;P)

now 2nd episode;P... hurm maybe to be continued..got a lol techy prob here ngee:D

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