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Sunday, October 23, 2011

So Vintage, So setail la!

Assalamualaikum, greetings everyone..

This last saturday, there were 3 hip events went on, Kuala Lumpur Vintage Festival at Restoran Pelita compound near KLCC, Bijou Bazaar at Stadium Merdeka and OctTwtFest at DG HQ, Shah alam ( which managed to reach its target) and hey hey hey lets not forget the 'Himpunan Sejuta Umat' which had its cold response at Stadium Shah alam :( ... I can only go to KL Vintage Festival. So, my post of course will be about the trip. After all, this is a lifestyle blog (though i dont think i have a very cool lifestyle, its just my zone ehe) *wink*

LOL funny how i'll only update my blog here whenever i went out. Nampak sangatlah kan kalau takde post tu, tak g mane2 letew..wekkk hehe..Oh My, is it just me? because seriously, everytime i think i have something to jot down on here, its deep, so i take my time to ponder, then along the period, i got work to do or runnin errands, i'll forget about it. dahlah efy takde amik journalism pon. I remember i do have my diary when i was 14 - 15 years old. As i grew older, i only wrote down occasionally. Okay i dont quite fancy the idea because maybe I only wrote mostly pain. Its like writing reminds me to pain. All the jolly moment that i have, i live it up, real! So, I think I've lost somehow most of the touch. The touch when your brain is in accordance with your heart err.

bloopers.. oh bloopers..lately ive been doin it much..

me and my bloopers.. hoba !hoba!
the peacock earring is from ZIKKOS (oh how i love the headpiece they have)

wokeyh time to cut the crap!

Lets talk business err i mean the KL Vintage festival (;-D) .. its Vintage, so hear about it, I think you'll know the dress code even though they didn't put any formal dress code to go there but hey the name of the event itself is an obvious hint to dress vintagely! but what do i wore? the only obvious vintage ensemble i think, i  had put on is my OBB Bow Braided Bag.. ghehehe who cares?! its not Fashion Show anyway and you go there as a potential purchaser who just wanna have fun, hang out with friends. That is what counts, for me hehe (^__^)V

xdah tempat lain dah sempat posse but the lrt haha..its the ghetto way (tu pasal bagi muka gangsta ni ekeke ;P)
was on unbranded black & white stripe, Agape pleated green chiffon maxi skirt, toned pash, heels from Treats
and there u go my OBB bag and perhaps the brown braided belt that at least had save me a lil ehe;P

................ DRUM ROLL .............

I found oh so so many 'in' accesories, garments, clothes, bags, shoes, name it.. they were all there.. all the hot stuffs.. i go craaazyyy seing all the bags, pants, outer wears , accesories, clothes that i saw and been long desired  on the blogshops were all laid flat in front of my eyes. I can touch it, taste all the textures and the prices are all  lower than what they put on the blogshops (of course, how couldn't they?). If I dont remember the reason that i went out last saturday is for the sake of wanted to buy mom's eidul adha fabric, I think i could've gone shop til I drop huehuh! Luckily I still have my senses, plus, a friend to remind me ghehee:D

glad i found the Kim K inspired necklace that i wanna purchase on pop look, here
and its much much cheaper. I am glad the time when i wanted to order it online, its already sold out hehe

sorry more pictures and everything must be yellowish, peluang efy tuk nak belagak vintage sikit la kan since its the Vistage fest anyway ghehehe.. (^____________________^)V

whats more?


now here's what i met there.. finally i got the chance to meet em, talked n huggin.. hehehe

its THE FARAHS from Calaqisya.. the one that i always reviews about in here and among the top hijabistas. Ohsemmm! yah thats yana petisuara punye trademark kan.. She's friendly and easy to talk to (ok maybe cuz i yg terkepochi jgk time jumpe depa hehe;P) and the cutey blackjack (the blackjack noun is among what she describes herself in twitter hehe), Farah mislina, is always has that kinda mischievious cutey grin looks on her face and the other sister, the sweety shy farah azrina..do u know how please customers are when talkin to  the approachable retailers? its ohh-semm! yana certainly is that, together with her sisters..are a combo! I also cant believe it, i was actualy havin almost the same height as yana. she's just 1cm taller than me LOL! I always thought i might be as tall as farah before. Dont get me wrong, i mean i thought i was same je saiz kecik2 mcm farah . Bila nak beli baju mesti efy nak yg farah put on sebab memikirkan saiz cinonet efy ni, takut terorder saiz besar .. anyway, i think yana looks prettier in real life and farah undoubtly just as cute as her picture looks.

from left: pika with her korean snake print bag, me, farah mislina with her tab & farah ilyana (petisuara) with her i phone (i guess) look at the casing *wink*

and there's more.. i met Ami Schaheera too haha..
now more pix hehe

left: sweety shy farah azrina, me, farah ilyana and pika (sorry us again ehe)
right: me and ami shaheera ( love how she did her shawl <3 )
with beautiful and tall pika whom we finally got the
 chance to meet each other cuz she's back in Malaysia for her break

choosin fabric for mom in Jakel. They're on sale now ladies for  the festive season ;)

Last Sunday all the top matches is on, too. MU has defeated by Manchester City 1 -6 oh sad. All Black finally won the World Champion Title again for the second time over France. Love seeing the match, France realy worked their as* off. Its a tough match. Our Dato' Lee Chong Wei had lost and the most devastating news is when Simoncelli died on Sepang International Circuit during the Moto GP Grandpix.. below is the video. Its super scary. He was already numb when the paramedic reached him. So sad. The race was stop for the fatal lost. 


for all MU haters.. im not at all the miss 'know-it-all' about MU but one thing for sure i know is, MU is still the top icing on the cake despite the lost ghehehe..


Oh what a weekend in Malaysia!
~ sweet and sour, hot and cold ~

p/s : a muslimah will still be a sweet muslimah if she wears her hijab to the chest, aware of herself to not being too carried away by the current phenomena and not get naked whenever she's takin her bath, friendly reminder for myself and each of us, ladies :-)


Hood Kamil said...

wah2.....nice entry...pic2 pun chantek2..useful jugak pic2 i amik...ehehe

calaqisya said...

thank you so much for coming!! we had so much fun talking and mingling with you! :)

starry_angel said...

oh calaqisya if u girls only know the main reason i went there was to meet and greet ya'll for real.. want more than seeing you girls online ^_^

hood: tq..next time snap lagi shanteq2 ea:D

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