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Thursday, October 13, 2011

I Got Busted!!

pardon me, i just soo love this delicious van.. thats why i made several posses with it ngee;D


Oh my senget riben..yes! ngehehe;P


heart-locked shaped bag from my dear friend  <3 <3 (^_^)v

F.O.O.D! Yeah Baby..FOOD!! FoooooooooD
yet im still skinny (xs size)
bless my high metabolisme


oh yeah..hukhuk..assalamualaikum and greetings, have a yummylicious day ..

Today, i'm gonna rambling on about how i got busted went out with a friend by my senior back in the Uni. When i'm on my outing gear, seriously i rarely realise my acquaintances because i'll got so caught up with all the nitty gritty whatever it is that i'm doing at the moment. So please.. please.. say Hola at me or perhaps a little smile because if i do realise there is an acquaintance walking nearby me, i am more than please to  hola or maybe flash a lil smizeee looks (ANTM dictionary;P).. and i am so sorry, i am that kind of person who find myself quite difficult to smile to strangers.. (oh oh not good! not good!).. I might be lookin tight if u see me walkin alone out there..how i wish i can change this T_T

Anyway i went out to Harods,KLCC this last saturday just for the sake of wanted to taste this babies...


hahaha yah i never taste these before ..they're looking so yummy, arent they? i cant take it anymore, everytime i go blogwalkin, these babies always will make their spread and when i facebooking, the ads will be on the right side.. sangat nak menggoda dan melunturkan keimanan dan ketakwaan aku je..jahat tau!;P

this is how a bespectacled makcik will look;P

So upon seeing 'em, and the rest of the people that i went blogwalkin onto...making it like it is the top desert.. i had decided that i have to try 'em. In the end, i got my bites..i couldn't take the pistachio flavor though;P.. These babies are for sweet tooth cravers. Sometimes, i think its too sweet for my tastebud whom like the sweet thing too..mencabar tahap kesukaan gula saya ye nampaknye kamu wahai macaroons grrr!..taste like i  was swallowin the sweetened milk..but, my favourite, well, .. will always be the CHOCOLATE flavor hahaha..When it comes to chocolate flavor, hey u know u can complain..it'll always be delicious..yeah..all self-claimed chocolate lovers, i tell ya, U must try em! gheheheh :-D :-D :-D

gheheheh..sorry food again..the beef spaghetti is ok and the drinks (sorry i forgot the name) looks delicious, rite? rite? *wink* . .but hey they put choc. sauce as the bottom layer..its wasnt ice choc.. its thick, not liquid.. luckily the top is milk..so yah quench my thirst too. Alhamdulillah:-)

Beef Tepanyaki
ehe..this tepanyaki u know u can do it at home.. tumis itu sayur taugeh campur dengan daging lembu bakar.. dah siap ma.. sgt beselera sy makan.. sy ni taste kedesaaann sebenarnya agagaga;P (but i still bleh layan cheese jgk 'wink' 'wink' ekekeke;P)

 Left : 
me Browsin again stuffs at the Offline Blogshop.. i was searchin for oxford flats or perhaps some sexy red pumps (;P) actualy, which will manage to grab my interest, but i didnt find any. They do have the kind the oxford-flat inspired and pumps but i guess the ones that will charm my desires were already sold out..hah bla bla...stop;P!  I went there for the hunt of latest garment that i saw on the blogshop but i didnt find any, too . So, i ended up purchasing a pair of peacock earring from zikkos.                                                

me with baby blue ribboned maxi skirt from Old Blossom Box that i bought early this year, Leo Pashmina from Hiaz Boutique and a charm chandelier gold bought from Jalan TAR that i made as earring. The bow on the OBB maxi is  removable. I love to clip it on the gold-metallic string of my heartshape-locked bag in these photos everytime i go out with it . At the back is Deepavali decoration that the mall made to kick up the festive spirit.:-)                              

color of rainbow 

then, i guess this is for now..
my 2 cents before i end this post is..for muslim, as a reminder for me n everyone, we can have fun, eating and outing but please always remind ourselves of our prayer n i think muslimah still can look sweet if our hijab cover the chest.. mudah2an kekal istiqamah bila dah berada dalam jalan yang baik . amin..

p/s : please forgive me if u get annoyed by the amount of picture displays..ghihihihi (^___^)V

here i leave you the theme song of this post, a classic 70s song to groove on

She's a lady - Tom Jones
..groove baby, groove hahaha.. look at the bottom..hey flare pants is 'in' now hahaha;P

efy lois


Hood Kamil said...

Present from a friend??xproper btul ayt..plis la put from the loves one ke..haih..ehehe.. :-P btw,good word and interesting entry to read dear..if i do can LIKE,more than a hundred i'll like..hehe..

p/s: awat ada penekanan pd ayat cheese tu ea???grrrrrrr!!...i hv a great time anyway.;-)

AzzifarunNurafizza said...

dear..u look so gojes..i memang suke tgk girls yg cantik2 ni..amik inspirasi how they look..huhuhu..by the way..i love macaron..

starry_angel said...

hehe i love em too..excluding pistachio haha.. u can design n sew your own clothes for yr domestic talent..hukhuk bless u! envy..:(

admin said...

follow blog saya ni jugak jomwayangku.blogspot.com

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