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Saturday, September 1, 2012


Assalamualaikum wbt

Greetings everyone...

Ya Allah its been a very, very, very long time since my last post here.. here's seems has been very dusty, i couldnt even thinkin that one day i'll get my bits to blog again


under the Mercy and sustenance of HIM

days that i thought ill never be happy again..
moment that i feel ill never have the strenght to pull through..
moment that i feel so aloone with no one to rely on..


i found strenght by giving myself only to HIM

  1. i found suppport from mom though we're far apart across the sea and friend who realy cares
i found peaceness by remembering HIM and forgiveness
most of all
i found love through those hopeful eyes n trust of my student
i keep my sanity by let the rain fall, coming clean and bear in mind to stay profesional and rational
at least i think i tried ehe :-p
thank you Allah, Alhamdulillah, all praises to Allah, tqsm mom n friends and student

(-: now, close this chapter :-)

now lets talk about raya hoooray yeah..

i know i wouldnt blog without pictures...what there to fancy without pictures, right? hihi (how i wish i have the smartness of the scholars to even can drawn people into their orbit just by words, that would be superb, i think)

so hows your eidi celebration dearie visitors

ehem its been years i never celebrate eid with my family back in home until recently. So what else i have in mind rather than wanna have a blast! gettin back with my gegurl pack n clan there and do things i always do back then when i was a student..going to the saloon, gettin my hair done..hehe..yah im always being a girl since as long as i can remember. It's not wrong being a girl / lady, isnt it? err.. 'wink'

So for the 1st day of eid..i just wanted something fresh, young, simple and hype
I decided to put on cala qisya Dolly modernized traditional kurung (if im not mistaken thats the collection hehe)

paisley pashmin and dangling earring from jln tar:-p)
yes i come from the land below the wind and we dont live on tree:P


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