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Saturday, September 1, 2012

oh why are you so hard to compose?

Assalamualaikum..hello everyone

Im actualy composing this post by tab and i found there are few things isn't as smooth as when i composin through laptop..i dont know how the outcome would be if a post was composed through i pad, would it be no problem at all? Oh i wish any i pad user can comment:-p There's a litte difficulties in organizing and uploading pictures, captioning here..hurm but yah Alhamdulillah for i still can compose an entry (-:

So i talked about this recent eidul fitr which i celebrated back in my hometown. After four years hadnt celebrated eid with my family and when i came home, there are a lot of improvement happened and still happening there. Towns are blooming, higways and roads are expanding etc. I think i recognize the roads in kl more than there hehe.

Anyway lets stop talkin about that now for i think its not a place that matters, its your family or all your beloved. I think i can go anywhere, i can live anywhere (Insya Allah) as long as i have my family with me..in this heart..always be the priority ^_^

Ive talked about the 1st day of raya where i wore calaqisya. 1st day of raya..first and foremost the agenda must be with family (idealy better:-p). The things that always unite us together is visiting our Allahyarham aunties, grandmother and uncles's graves after eid prayer.

then eating Burasa, ayam masak lengkuas, ayam masak merah, ayam masak santan and coto 
(oh hey im bugis for race and thats our must have dishes for raya like your lemang, ketupat, rendang..aaaah i love em too..im just simply embrace and love our multirace)

e.a.t. again

and e.a.t

and another series of eating til that burasa can last only for 2 days hoho

Then in the evening, i caught time with my bff .. oh the moment that ive been waiting for. We're just never change..just as warmth as always no matter we're parted across the sea cewahh!
With family and friends.. thats all i did in raya like most of us do ^_^

oh dear 2nd nite of raya me and my family just went hang out hahha..opss sorry Mcd la plak tah..maybe there's no other suitable place to hang out at the moment croas my kind. Im jus so lucky for havin an easygoing family..whom just realy open and embraces any positivity. Thank you Allah ^_^


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