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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

This Is A True Story

As salam..

greetings everyone..

fuh punyalah lama aku biarkan blog ni besawang haha..ntahlah rasa malas nak hapdate kalau x kuar or xde pix canteq2..(gitu?) i dont know like i said..my life is just simple, there are times it comes to arghh "please im so boreeed", nothin happened much.. and whatever im doin in real life, its like.. i like it more.. to live it in than to live in virtually. I like more the idea of 'i-seldom-update-my-blog-cuz-i-got-a-lot-more-fun-real-important-things-to-do-in-real-life-than-spending-my-time-virtually' thingy ehe (^___^)V

Hows your raya Haji? 
mine again..i had my 
..again for all the wrong reason.. 
whats the wrong reason? 

wrong reason = celebratin raya in the city due to didnt go back hometown or balek kg weyh.. 

but its okay, my family usually got nothing much to celebrate too in this eid adha ..so yah i think its ok (tone sedapkan ati ye sob sob)

So, because i didnt celebrated em, I went out a day before just to hang out,  with my collegue and some of new friends..buyin bday present for my sista (sorry sis, x dpt pos g, but hadiah masih ada hekhek;P), went Bowling n oh how bad.. IM A TOTAL LOSER..  a freakin Longkang Champion.. arrghh i dunno where did all my bowling skill went (nak kate reti jugak tu;P).  Means, no raya outfit for me but just here

no raya means let loose and being simple
pink / purple hoodie from calaqisya, pink carnation neck cover from TudungPeople, white inner, lee jeans and treat strappy heels

I realy love this hoodie cuz its versatile, u can wear it or twist it around invented your own looks according to whatever u like but i didnt feel i wanted to dress up much on those day. So i just let it hanged loose like that. I think by pull it like that it will enhance the crafty necklace too. Talking about The Tudung people, go flip over the link and see those models. I realy realy love to see the main model, Fazrina Azleen (hopefully i didnt get it spelt wrong haha;P). Like Oh So Pretty and above every shawl wrap that i come across so far, in this online world, i realy love their wrap styles.. its loose, trendy yet coverin all the right areas. ( if u know what i mean 'wink'). I realy hope they have tutor on certain wrap that i like but those that i like, they havent have it yet. So,  i guess u just need to be creative on your own way then ehe :-D

Dream Catcher feather necklace from Nightmare Catcher

what else did i do is eat of course.. 
eating @ nasi ayam chicken rice with everyone but i dont have their pic to display
my eyes is so devilish, for the double layered, black eyebags HELLPPP!!!
 i hate it sometimes oh but THANK GOD i still have eyes anyway.


Dearie visitors,

Everything that i put here isnt for showing off. I got nothing to show off anyway. I am just the type of person who's havin fun with fashion or my wardrobe ever since i was a teen. Luckily u guys didnt see me through my teenagers years (oh snap!) . I always always prayin that i keep like this way or better. Thats all. After all this is lifestyle blog. Lifestyle blog is blog of where the blogger jot just anything that happened in their life. What else do u expect anyway. Its not an education blog, blogshop. I hope i make myself clear, dear. 

I think this is a simple entry for this time. In the meantime, meet u dearie again next time when my mojo jojo hormone of bloggin crankin up again hihihih. Next time. maybe i will talk about this .

source : google

tempted enough? sexy red pumps  HOMAIIIIIIIIIII  I AM TEMPTED..more like IM DROOLING OK ehehe..til then;

as salam.

love owez,
efy lois 


Hood Kamil said...

boleh tahan..but entry lepas lg byk cite..hehe

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