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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Nasty Red Devil Has Knocked Me Down

as salam..Olla everyone.. have a happy Thursday.

This is the entry that i said i wanna talk about previously..

Alright dearies, kindly may I know, what u think about this pictures below (*raise2 eyebrows;P)

oh chic-lit paperbacks.
which one u like? id go ga ga over the red n gold especially..hey ya man!;P

this is the D.E.V.I.L!!!

aaaaaarhh sexy attack!!!


Ever since i laid my eyes on that cover 'The Devil Wears Prada' when i was 16 years old, if im not mistaken, i have been dreaming to wear one and whenever i see the hollywood celebs wearing those killer, sexy, yummy, sophisticated stilettoes ..it makes me dream even more (pergh kuat penangan tv & mags kat haku ni;P)   

8 Years Later

wakaka it took me 8 years to finally spotted one which i think sexy enough and affordable enough and feeling gutsy enough to wear one.! hihihi (shy smile)

this is mine

donnt gaaahh..its only 4.5 inch / 19cm

Seriously, at the first time i received this parcel, i put it on the desk. We're like got hypnotized! My colleague and i stared at it for like a minute. Like i just couldn't believe its in front my eyes. Seeing the sexy red screaming color..like jakun giler LOL!

together with the red devil pumps (thats its name i called;P) i wear this ensemble on that knock down day

black & white stripe batwing top, white basic inner, CQ purple / pink chiffon hoodie, TP dirty pink neck cover, bib necklace & Levi's jeans ( oh my devil black eyebags, got lotsa em T_T!)

So, there u go .. around the first few steps i went out of the house..okay.. i think i still can hold myself just fine. Walk around The Curve, Catch movies until the night came up. How u know, whamm! The minute  i was already in Tesco to do some errands, i think i walk already strange or more like in pain..awkwardly.

Me (mute conversation) : why, My oh My.. why did u do this to me. I've just enjoying my moment living up
my dream, walking around in this sexy pair
Foot                            : arhh do u know how painful i am in this 'a-bit-loose' pumps. Do u know how crazy i am to try to put up with you for the sake of your dream. I have to push hard these tiptoes to hold, so that u wont come out of this pumps and you will suffer fatal embarrassement in public 

oh no 'm crazy i'm talking to my foot


Okay, here's the thing. It is my size actualy. Its just its a bit loose on the left side. I dont know. I think I might got conned for this transaction ayayay!

 Conclusion: "You Gotto learn how to work with the heels, baby or u will get knock down!"
(especially when its not really fit or it will be a disaster. could bring a wardrobe malfunction, in worst case scenario hoho:P) 

Just when i admit my suffering. A friend being a Samaritan with mercy he is, offered me a flats. By that there you go. I'm save. I can walk around and jumping happily, comfortably. I'm a happy girl :-B
La Di Da Di Da

U cant take my Boop a Doop Away when im on my element,world.
Betty Boop---> 
will always be one of my fav cartoon besides Spongebob, The Simpson, Ninja Boy and  the Classic Vintage Cartoon (they always have song in it, havent they? the classic one is like a musical cartoon hehe) ..


Sooner or later, i will take you down, nasty devil pumps! (evil laugh with determination grin;P)

Time to listen to Katy Perry, Riri and Queen B and Seeing the stunning, gorgoes, incredible VSFS, Adriana Lima and Miranda Kerr... yipee. A girl must know how to get a right amount of booster uplifting elements in times needed. ngee.. Until next time. 

p/s: im sorry for any typo that somehow i always seems to missed them.

efy lois


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Amboih..this is really out my topic...by i like on how u express ur passion..hehe

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