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Monday, November 8, 2010

What L.O.V.E Means 2 U

salam..Olla everyone

Whenever someone posted somethin about love whether on facebook (esp) or blog, most of us might be smilin n thinkin euwww how cheesy (jiwangg aih) she/he is..did us? Whenever someone just being true to his/her feelin (men esp). n goes public about it, his/her pride will be like..ripped out from them..seperti ditelanjangi..yah as vulgar as the word sounds..but.. there's a 'but' in this..it wouldnt happened of course to people who thinkin that the statement is beautiful n just somethin that comes out from heart..as pure as it is. For me jiwang n honesty is different. :)

I am so like to read anything inspiring. Reading somethin especially that comes from the pure heart is indeed inspirin! Like i read this my 'adik angkat' (blehke ckp cam ni ea;P) blog, its funny ..got me smilin from all those sweet love story..story of a heart that longin 4 somethin..its innocent..thats the value of it..n Voila it makes me wanna write in this blog after let it 'besawang' for quite a long time ahaks:P sooo im in the mood..the mood of talkin bout L.O.V.E. aha! ngee:D. I'd a chat with a lecturer from Indonesia few days before n he told me he read this blog. To be hOnest, i feel a bit embarassed when i get confronted with my blog or just someone sayin or tellin me they have read this..idk..n it kinda gives me a mix feelin ( so even if u had read this guys, u might like to pretend that u had'nt ahaks;P)

Upon everything that i read. I wanted to say this..

when u love someone, try n plz appreciate them much..dont treat em like sampah. Dont make em just like a harbour that u stop for a while or get a taste of it..If u stay being friends after that plz dont treat em, ( a friend) like sampah too..the one that you come to /remember only when ure  feelin lonely. :-(

What Goes Around, Comes Around
What U Give To People,Allah Will Gives U Back
so lets us 'Do Unto Others As Others Unto U'



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