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Monday, November 8, 2010

dedication 4 ma sis

its Nov 8, 2010 (Monday) 

Today's my younger sis bday..upOn everything that i wished , she only wanted 1 particular wish n it was 'jodoh' ehe..yalah imma, i pray that 4 u everyday n +++ today..moga ko jumpa dengan lelaki yg baik budi pekerti bukan manis bicara sahaja..true to his words n keep his promises, hati yang tidak akan berbolak - balik kepadamu sahaja sehingga hujung nyawa..truely love u with all the packages that u come with n that includes family or history of life, past stories etc..yg leh bimbing, bawa ke syurga..saling melengkapi n membawa kebaikan. Its hard actualy to watch you all this time..haha ive been talkin n wishin like u'll read this ( or u may will?;P)

n u got a DELL deal with mama 4 yr bday..aha! congratz..u shud say a very2 thankkkkkkkk QQQ to mama n foremostly God to ever bless us with the beautiful lady inside out hukhuk :(( (missin)

i hate how i always forget everything that i wanted to write once i started writin..its like all the things that runnin into this head goes down hill n lost in split second huhu! so i just wanna say..i love u no matter what.. remember only the love of family sticks together through thick n thin..try to recall everything that happened .. my words is a fatal truth! 

beautiful colorful range of dell lappies..wonder which one u scored huhu

i just L.O.V.E my family like every other people in this world should

<---- what an elegant,sexy n temptin cake is thiss... Looookkk..it'll be criminal to eat this one hahahha..
ughh sedappnye (mouth watering..haha over plak i kan;p) klah..for my sis edition..i wanna wrap it up til this. SALAM sumeee ^_^


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