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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Salam & Greetings 

      I went to Pasar Malam today..oh yesterday..cuz it already 3.10am ahaks..okay thats not the thing i want to talk about..while waiting for the bus to come to fetch us to our residential college..i saw a few things. Its funny how small things can bring such a big meaning ait? 

1. Homeless Cat

while me n my coursemates who happened to go to the Pasar Malam too, a cat came..meow..meow..honestly say im not a big fan of cat. I mean I dont like them much neither do hate them much..For me Its just a creature which has their own right as God's creature. I dont like them cuz actually all that i could remember in my life about cat isnt good. haha..poor me ait. Like everywhere i go, everywhere i live, there'll always gonna be cat (s) which will put their 'poo poo' in my compound.. it was stink! When my family n i live in a ghetto area, out of all the house, they chose our house as their toilet n how lucky i was..my room always be their fav place to trash all their unwanted business ugh! Then we moved to another hOuse, its the same case happenin, i couldnt believe..out of the house in the block, they just love our house to trash everything. Ahh heavenly cat (s)! haha.. sedaplah hidung menghidu bau2an setiap pagi

When i was livin in the college, how come the cats still make our kitchen / front compound as their toilet. My housemates n I move 2 times into different lot in the block of our residential college  n walla the same thing is always happens. N finally in this last semester, i moved into a new lot in the block, only then they didnt make our lot as their toilet..but still one day when i was about to hang my laundry to dry them upon the string, n i left to the washing machine for a while to pick the rest of the laundry, when i came back, the cat / (s) has peed into the plastic of my wooden clothespin bunch n i thought the plastic contained raindrop! haha okay2..enough..too much complain..ehe

But the bla bla above isnt the one that im goin to talk about...

so what it is?

I was lookin, starin deep to the homeless cat which was havin the 'meow meow' moment with my coursemates (whom happened to love cats, of course). They were nibblin him food. Watchin the moment, i was thinkin how poor he is to be an alleycat.

no home. 

Where does he sleeps ... ?

How does he eats ... ? 

Who's goin to take care of him if  he got sick .... ? 

and the cat is havin a lil eye problem! His eyes r always teary in a wrong way.. couldve been a catarac? naah im not a doc to diagnosed that ehe..but so poor of him.. Out in this world in his tiny body n capability to search for food..tryin to survive..n he's only a lil in size compares to us, human. 

He must has gone through a few times when he was realy hungry n he has to strive in the cold world to get it. didnt mind the sickness thats he's sufferin. Menahan lapar . I did. It kinda reminds me when i was in a state..

1st Incedent:

I went job hunting by myself in the rain while it was the very 1st time i went there! Idk the location or watsoever bout the local area but i work my feet off anyway. 

I said to myself ..

"i'll nailed the job". n boy yes i did! 

Thank God. Amazingly, my heart was just so brave, free, calm and happy work my way all around. 

2nd Incedent:
I lost my purse in the state too, I cried hard cuz i was scared I lost my IC  (on top of everything, yah im scared, idk ahaks;P) then the next day i went by myself too to settle everything ..from finding the JPJ, Pendaftaran, Police Station, Banks and found the right bus/taxi/ route to go back home.I was tremblin myself so hard inside cuz i realy dont know where these buildings are..

its like ure a tourist in yr 1st time come to Malaysia n u got robbed just when ure on yr out n about. U still havent got the chance to get yr map/gps or watever the tool is that'll help you around..

But with my heart beatin so hard inside..I managed to get everything done in a day. I didnt know how i did that actualy..I walk with only this..

"Ya Allah, aku berserah segala - galanya kepada-Mu"

Truely i think only God helped me at the time and my closest friend who lend me her money to reach everything. I Owed her a life time. sure! I feel so stupid, a loose canon, a pity poor thing etc but i think it didnt show on the outside..Im so tremblin inside but Im so in control n look just fine..i guess cuz all the officer was surprised when i tell my story to em.. (ive to tell to get all the deal and documentation done)

Thinkin bout my parents..our parents that work hard for us..I used to watch my mama came home n she said she was shakingly hungry. I know its not becuz she couldnt find/afford at least a penny to put into her belly but its cuz she's so caught up/ drawn in the work which is for us, her children foremostly til eat has became the last thing to do. Terima Kasih Ya Allah kerana memberikan aku seorang ibu yang sangat cekal dalam kelembutan dan keindahan luar dan dalamnya. I always think i got a very beautiful mother. ehe

....now back to the cat case....

'This cat was lookin so poor but He is so strong' i said while watchin her

-That cat is L.I.F.E.-


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