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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Personaliti mengikut kedudukan dalam adik beradik

Psychologist, Alfred Adler had come up with theory of birth order in his Teori Personaliti Individu. Which hooked me up since i first discovered back then...Alright dear come roll it below..n check it out..Is there any similarity with u?

according to Isaacson, first-borns have the confidence to dream and plan. They feel like they will be respected and supported in what they do.Traits of first-borns, the experts say, are goal-setting, high achievement, perfectionism, sense of responsibility, rule-keeping, and attention to detail. They also can be worriers and attempt to please everyone. 

hurm for me some may be true but some r not..n it doesnt necessarily the same to all 1st borns:)

Second-born children, Adler said, have someone out in front, a pacemaker, so they are competitive.Second-borns may try to outdo everyone.  Isaacson says. "They are constantly competing." Donald Trump is the second child..hurm..


Adler said third-born kids are "sandwiched in." They may feel squeezed out of a position of privilege or lost in the crowd. This can result, he wrote, in a feeling of "take it or leave it."Traits of second and third children include flexibility, diplomacy, peacemaking, generosity, and an outgoing, social nature. But within all that -- a finely tuned competitiveness is always at work. 

We're talking big families here! The thirds could be last-borns. According to Isaacson, last-borns often are on their own.  They tend to be risk-takers, outgoing "idea people." Last-borns often have a better sense of humor, too, and can be more likely to question authority.Adler said last-borns often have big plans that don't work out (uhuh?). They can stay "the baby" throughout life.Traits of last-borns include charm, tendency to be manipulative, persistence, and love of attention. 



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