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Friday, December 30, 2011

Heart is talkin..

As salam.. greetings
selamat Hari Jumaat, penghulu segala hari
moga memperolehi keberkatan

Oh my blog.. how long it has been muted. Its the time.. when i feel like the heart want to talk,

today is Dec, 30th .. another 1 day towards 2012..So, what else are we going to do.. yang H.A.R.U.S dibuat ialah S.E.M.A.K balik azam tahun ni.. have i accomplished them all?.. oh not, it havent.. There is one resolution that is cleary unreachable this year..the other 1 hopefully everything will be just good.. that another 1.. oh looks like they must be bring onto the next year. As the saying goes, 'life goes on'.. must goes on but there is one big resolution for next year.. which is Islah diri (hopefully, Insya Allah)..

me in my everyday attire.. yes it is. My work attire is only the modest baju kurung and the rattan hand bag
(dont mind that extra accesories for it was intended for 'out-to-the-mall' get up, too at this time err)

Ladies..mind to share with me what makes a true lady a mukminah? Every muslim girl is a muslimah. So girls and guys please understand dear..whether a muslim girl wearing a hijab or not, she is a muslimah, a mukminah is a woman with faith.  So please don't get confused when u read / heard about the muslimah attire / clothing line (I dont go against em, i wear em) but i mean, it makes us no different with just clothing. A mukminah is another level of muslimah not just a plain one. Its Wanita yang beriman. Insya Allah if we already wearing the hijab, tryin to make it covering the chest, already doing it? tryin to wear em loosely, not see through (chiffon is great if we layer it with a loose inner *wink*) ..slowly by slowly.. May all of us will go towards it..

A Lady + Love = ?

a Lady can be as soft as cotton yet as strong as coral..with love they can teach their children / student and be as patience to the limit. Mom is the best example..your'e so strong mama yet so soft despite everything that we've been through and we will still going get through everything no matter how far we are. I really wish i can be as strong, soft and patience as you. Im workin towards it.

my beautiful mother

hurm how should i say this.. im sure there're u guys out there watched the local drama 'Zikir Untuk Dhia' which has just ended last nite. I only watched that particular last episode. I can see how soft-spoken the Dhia character is, how deep her love to her husband and my most favourite dialogue by Dhia is when she said 'I know who loves me".."Allah". Its true every time i lay all my heart and soul only to Allah, only then i feel so secure. Like the heart got held by an invincible hands that is so strong, vanishing everything, every insecurity, fear, frustration, tears, trembling.

Ya Allah, Tuhan Yang Maha Agung, Maha Berkuasa, Raja segala Raja, Tuhan Pemilik seluruh Alam

 Semesta serta Isi di dalamnya, Tuhan yang tiada Mustahil bagi-Nya, Raja di Hari Akhirat, Tuhan

 yang Maha Perkasa, Maha Halus, Maha Pengampun Dosa, Maha Mendengar, Maha Pengasih Lagi

 Maha Penyayang, Pada-Mu aku menghinakan diri, Kaulah yang Berkuasa, Engkau juga Maha

 Pengasih Ya Allah, Ampunilah dosaku, dosa kedua ibu bapaku, dosa ahli keluargaku

Ya Allah dengan segala kerendahan hati, kehinaan diri sebagai hamba-Mu, aku memohon peganglah hatiku. Hanya Engkau sumber kedamaian. Engkau sebaik - baik Pemelihara. Engkau sebaik - baik pemilik cinta, tempat melabuhkan cinta. Aku mohon kasih sayang-Mu, Cahaya dan Hidayah-Mu yang berterusan menemani setiap langkahku. Aku diciptakan oleh Mu. Hanya kepada-Mu tempatku berlindung dan kepada-Mu juga akan ku kembali. Hanya Engkau Maha Pemberi rezeki, Maha Pemudah segalanya. Aku bersyukur atas segala Rahmat kurniaan-Mu. Moga hari - hari seterusnya membawa seribu satu kebaikan kepada diri ini dan semua insan. Hanya kepada-Mu Ya Allah tempatku mengadu.


efy lois


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