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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Nasty Red Devil Has Knocked Me Down

as salam..Olla everyone.. have a happy Thursday.

This is the entry that i said i wanna talk about previously..

Alright dearies, kindly may I know, what u think about this pictures below (*raise2 eyebrows;P)

oh chic-lit paperbacks.
which one u like? id go ga ga over the red n gold especially..hey ya man!;P

this is the D.E.V.I.L!!!

aaaaaarhh sexy attack!!!


Ever since i laid my eyes on that cover 'The Devil Wears Prada' when i was 16 years old, if im not mistaken, i have been dreaming to wear one and whenever i see the hollywood celebs wearing those killer, sexy, yummy, sophisticated stilettoes ..it makes me dream even more (pergh kuat penangan tv & mags kat haku ni;P)   

8 Years Later

wakaka it took me 8 years to finally spotted one which i think sexy enough and affordable enough and feeling gutsy enough to wear one.! hihihi (shy smile)

this is mine

donnt gaaahh..its only 4.5 inch / 19cm

Seriously, at the first time i received this parcel, i put it on the desk. We're like got hypnotized! My colleague and i stared at it for like a minute. Like i just couldn't believe its in front my eyes. Seeing the sexy red screaming color..like jakun giler LOL!

together with the red devil pumps (thats its name i called;P) i wear this ensemble on that knock down day

black & white stripe batwing top, white basic inner, CQ purple / pink chiffon hoodie, TP dirty pink neck cover, bib necklace & Levi's jeans ( oh my devil black eyebags, got lotsa em T_T!)

So, there u go .. around the first few steps i went out of the house..okay.. i think i still can hold myself just fine. Walk around The Curve, Catch movies until the night came up. How u know, whamm! The minute  i was already in Tesco to do some errands, i think i walk already strange or more like in pain..awkwardly.

Me (mute conversation) : why, My oh My.. why did u do this to me. I've just enjoying my moment living up
my dream, walking around in this sexy pair
Foot                            : arhh do u know how painful i am in this 'a-bit-loose' pumps. Do u know how crazy i am to try to put up with you for the sake of your dream. I have to push hard these tiptoes to hold, so that u wont come out of this pumps and you will suffer fatal embarrassement in public 

oh no 'm crazy i'm talking to my foot


Okay, here's the thing. It is my size actualy. Its just its a bit loose on the left side. I dont know. I think I might got conned for this transaction ayayay!

 Conclusion: "You Gotto learn how to work with the heels, baby or u will get knock down!"
(especially when its not really fit or it will be a disaster. could bring a wardrobe malfunction, in worst case scenario hoho:P) 

Just when i admit my suffering. A friend being a Samaritan with mercy he is, offered me a flats. By that there you go. I'm save. I can walk around and jumping happily, comfortably. I'm a happy girl :-B
La Di Da Di Da

U cant take my Boop a Doop Away when im on my element,world.
Betty Boop---> 
will always be one of my fav cartoon besides Spongebob, The Simpson, Ninja Boy and  the Classic Vintage Cartoon (they always have song in it, havent they? the classic one is like a musical cartoon hehe) ..


Sooner or later, i will take you down, nasty devil pumps! (evil laugh with determination grin;P)

Time to listen to Katy Perry, Riri and Queen B and Seeing the stunning, gorgoes, incredible VSFS, Adriana Lima and Miranda Kerr... yipee. A girl must know how to get a right amount of booster uplifting elements in times needed. ngee.. Until next time. 

p/s: im sorry for any typo that somehow i always seems to missed them.

efy lois

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

MOFEW 2011..Oh My eyes.. Hellpp!!!

As salam..greetings everyone (yeah i think i can make this greetings as my official greetings since i always uses this muehehe;P)

Owkay..i am going talk about MOFEW 2011 in this entry.. what is that?

M.O.F.E.W 2011 = Malaysian.Online.Fashion.Entrepreneur.Weekends. 2011 

all self-claimed blogshop lovers must be in hype about it.
It was held from this last 11th - 13th Nov @ Midvalley
anybody seen me? ngee;-D

Oh My, im telling you guys.. name it, from the likes of Calaqisya (again yes), Agape Boutique (finally yes!;P) Like igloo, nakalicious,emcee couture, Azorias (awesome), Sista Closette and many many more, which i couldnt remember, were all there. Of course the items are all hype (it's the likes of Chicpop event anyway *wink*), from clothes (maxi dresses, maxi skirts, palazzo pants, tops, bottoms, outer wears, shoes, bags and accesories. See there! too bad my friends and i didnt have more pictures of the ambiance and i missed the chance of meeting Amber Chia. Oh My eyes hurt seing the sale..helppp!!:P) 

Dang the Azorias outfit..its a fina quality clothing line from Korea. All u need is just more money haha T_T
In the future, i think i might be lookin for their type of line. Their line is what u called the kind of clothes of "dress to success" hopefully hukhuk.

and there u go i met the girls, Farah Ilyana Petisuara and Farah Mislina again. Ohhhsemm!
its the Farah's again at their booth..actualy they're my priority prey for this event but at firts, i couldn't find them even i was already in my 3rd round circling the hall;P but lastly i found it..theirs was among the array of a bit end of the corner. That's why. Sorry I'm kind of shy to Hola at Hentak Belipat though, even though of course he will always be there with the girls at the booth because hey There's Calaman too there (see the banner;P). So i'm sorry girls if u're the fan of their blog, i don't have his picture to display here ehe

and more.. oh how glad i was to find agape boutique booth, for i wanted to see with my naked eyes all the collection, but it turned out they don't have it all there..its too many for them to carry i guess, because i love their collection of the latest batches.
shoes galore @ the Vincci and the event;P

Besides them, I'm glad i met wina, finally. Halus mulus, tall (mmg model figure gitu) . The last time i met her younger sister, beautiful and tall (too), pika, to the Vintage Fest and now her and met with the farahs too hehe.. The Reason Wina wanted to hang out with us anyway not because of the event, its because she wanted to go to Tiamo. She really has the simple yet exclusive taste. U go figure!

While she was rummaging through all the ballerina shoes, sy menyempatla snap2 kat kedai itu sebab kedai itu Coomell  ngee <3 (^_____________^)V (peace ya'll)

left : wee look at the pink crafty board.. its nice to have one like that in our bedroom, isnt it? :D
right: among the ballerina shoes..arent they nice:D
That day, its my first time wearin flats during hang out. Wina and my friend got a bit surprise by how untall ( haha elok sket dari short;P)  and petite i was . I am 151cm and is xs - s size, for matter of fact, lalala :-B

on peach lacey top, bangles bought from Jln Tar (long time ago) cheetah print harem pants (RM10 from nite market),  Lulu Bow Braided Bag from Old Blossom Box  that i  always cling around with and favourite Chillie Pashmina from Hiaz Boutique, neck cover from Tudung People, flats mercy gift from a friend

I love anything that is cheap yet wearable and hype. Kimore Lee Simon (KLS) herself havin quoted that expensive materials doesn't necesarily will certified that you got style dear. For me, I believe what matters is the way u carry yourself with what u wear. How thrifty u can be? This is why i love blogshops, because usually their line is customized. You dont easily find them on the mainstream market. Just choose and get the best deal for yourself;-)
Fot this time, i have a secret to tell ( :-B )..actualy, I've been long wanted to have one paisley pashmina and this one from Hiaz is just fine. Its soft texture and the hotness of chili prints. Just love it. In fact, I think the hotness of the chili had sprinkled its fire for along the evening i feel like somehow i always get tense for small things LOL! bahaha giler r effect dier ni! look at the chili prints below, its as hot as her retailer Azila Hilme. She's Married and She's still Gorgeous.. nak jadi macam az tau bila dah tawen nanti..menten gorgeous gtuu. She even got the chance to be the recent 'Nur' Covergirl with, among my fav local artist, Maya Karin. How Fabulous, isnt it?!

Bib Necklace bought from the last Vintage Fest.. aaa just <3 it. Finally dah telepas ye angan2 nak pakai necklace  yg  Kim K / other celebraties pernah pki satu ketika dulu ngihihihi *raise2 eyebrows* :P

At the same day i went to this event, Nurul Hidayati Jalidar, one of the scarflet stylista had invited me officially, to her birthday celebration at a location in Shah Alam. Oh nurul, i tell u ive been long wanted to meet u gorg, but i really couldn't make it for a reason. Oh how honoured i was to got invited and how sad i was to have to let it go....arrhhh wish that can meet her perhaps somehow, somewhere..Seriously, love her wrappin style, if only there's tutorial on that particular one that i like hehe (i dont know if she'll be reading this haha;P)


I have one think to say here, me myself, personally think we don't have to beat each others considering this current tide of hijabi styles. There're a lot of wrapping style for the pash or shawls. Just remember ourselves (including myself) that our level of faith doesn't indicated by what we wear. As said by Ustaz Zaharuddin in a talk show on Al-Hijrah that if a muslimah doesnt called 'orang yang bertakwa' by how gorgeous her clothes are. Covering our aurah is enough to makes us call a muslimah but as far as the colthes itself it will be only a plain muslimah. Not the faithful one. So, lets always always reminds ourselves to not get too carried away by the all the hustle and bustle.

A battle between the faith and lust is a never ending battle for myself. Will always gonna be back and forth between them. Like how I love clothes and beauty, i love my religion too..That is why on my banner already said, im a girl who will always try to balance this worldly thingy and the life of eternity for i realise i'm just a human with weaknesses too. Therefore, i think im done here. woahh im a serious type of person, u know hahaha;P

p/s: i'm sorry, in previous entry, i said i will talk about a devil pumps, but i think i will blog about it next for my Sexy Red Pumps had realy knock me out. So, i need time to gain my composure ;P

Anyway, dearie visitors, i think this is it for now. Im seldom on my twitter right now.. only Fb for twitter doest psyched me as much as before ehe..and on FB i am seldom chatting. I love commenting on wall. I dont know. Im just that way..for i found chatting sometimes quite disturbing since i love multitasking when im on the net. One more thing, I don't like to have acquaintances whom his/her default pix is cars, bikes, plants, cartoons, robots or any non human picture, because i assume, non human picture is non human, they can't facebooking. Therefore i find quite hard to approve friend request of such. When someone using robot as his/her default picture, i assumed he/she must be transformers hehee *wink*

I guess, i come to an end now. This is it for now ladies and gentlemen.

efy lois

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

This Is A True Story

As salam..

greetings everyone..

fuh punyalah lama aku biarkan blog ni besawang haha..ntahlah rasa malas nak hapdate kalau x kuar or xde pix canteq2..(gitu?) i dont know like i said..my life is just simple, there are times it comes to arghh "please im so boreeed", nothin happened much.. and whatever im doin in real life, its like.. i like it more.. to live it in than to live in virtually. I like more the idea of 'i-seldom-update-my-blog-cuz-i-got-a-lot-more-fun-real-important-things-to-do-in-real-life-than-spending-my-time-virtually' thingy ehe (^___^)V

Hows your raya Haji? 
mine again..i had my 
..again for all the wrong reason.. 
whats the wrong reason? 

wrong reason = celebratin raya in the city due to didnt go back hometown or balek kg weyh.. 

but its okay, my family usually got nothing much to celebrate too in this eid adha ..so yah i think its ok (tone sedapkan ati ye sob sob)

So, because i didnt celebrated em, I went out a day before just to hang out,  with my collegue and some of new friends..buyin bday present for my sista (sorry sis, x dpt pos g, but hadiah masih ada hekhek;P), went Bowling n oh how bad.. IM A TOTAL LOSER..  a freakin Longkang Champion.. arrghh i dunno where did all my bowling skill went (nak kate reti jugak tu;P).  Means, no raya outfit for me but just here

no raya means let loose and being simple
pink / purple hoodie from calaqisya, pink carnation neck cover from TudungPeople, white inner, lee jeans and treat strappy heels

I realy love this hoodie cuz its versatile, u can wear it or twist it around invented your own looks according to whatever u like but i didnt feel i wanted to dress up much on those day. So i just let it hanged loose like that. I think by pull it like that it will enhance the crafty necklace too. Talking about The Tudung people, go flip over the link and see those models. I realy realy love to see the main model, Fazrina Azleen (hopefully i didnt get it spelt wrong haha;P). Like Oh So Pretty and above every shawl wrap that i come across so far, in this online world, i realy love their wrap styles.. its loose, trendy yet coverin all the right areas. ( if u know what i mean 'wink'). I realy hope they have tutor on certain wrap that i like but those that i like, they havent have it yet. So,  i guess u just need to be creative on your own way then ehe :-D

Dream Catcher feather necklace from Nightmare Catcher

what else did i do is eat of course.. 
eating @ nasi ayam chicken rice with everyone but i dont have their pic to display
my eyes is so devilish, for the double layered, black eyebags HELLPPP!!!
 i hate it sometimes oh but THANK GOD i still have eyes anyway.


Dearie visitors,

Everything that i put here isnt for showing off. I got nothing to show off anyway. I am just the type of person who's havin fun with fashion or my wardrobe ever since i was a teen. Luckily u guys didnt see me through my teenagers years (oh snap!) . I always always prayin that i keep like this way or better. Thats all. After all this is lifestyle blog. Lifestyle blog is blog of where the blogger jot just anything that happened in their life. What else do u expect anyway. Its not an education blog, blogshop. I hope i make myself clear, dear. 

I think this is a simple entry for this time. In the meantime, meet u dearie again next time when my mojo jojo hormone of bloggin crankin up again hihihih. Next time. maybe i will talk about this .

source : google

tempted enough? sexy red pumps  HOMAIIIIIIIIIII  I AM TEMPTED..more like IM DROOLING OK ehehe..til then;

as salam.

love owez,
efy lois 

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