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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

i love you

from a sincere heart..

wanna say this..

if u promisin somethin to your loved ones or those dear to you, plz keep it

love other people..then the love will come back to you

love the family, flower, love the birds, love the cat, love the children..love the hawker, love your frens, yr collegues, your boss, your teacher, your counselor (wink) ahh just love the world, then you will smile girl from your heart

for migrator..the coolest thing parent can give to their children is sending them abroad,

later then they will appreciate variety, hardworking, spirit n will power n it will open their eyes and heart (hopefully)

be positive..

accept the way you are yet try to improve yourself from time to time

accept people the way they are cuz u wanted em to do the same too

if u believe in gud thing..Allah will make it gud 4 u.. yr mind n heart will be in peace..

begin with the end in mind

make your heart shines.. 

u will be pretty inside out..

u will glow like the stars just like your heart glow brightly..

Love Allah..love your God.. Love all ALlah's messenger..

never stops hoping and keep on believin..

in facin hardship..keep on keepin on..

there will always gonna be people out there who loves n cares bout you..

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

oh Time, Where do i go next..

its a beautiful night
we're lookin for somethin dumb to do
hey baby i think i wanna marry you
is it the look in your eyes
or is it this dancing juice
who cares baby
i think i wanna marry you....

haha yeah..lets stars this entry with beutiful enligthning song from Bruno Mars - marry you (that keeps hummin in my head since the 1st day i heard it;P)
it doesnt necesarily u want to marry someone when u hear this..just cruise along..for those who wants to get marry, perhaps this song suits u very well..congrats

owrite stop..

wahh i cant believe its been almost maybe 4 months since my last update in here..dah besawang dah.. haha.. ive been workin my a** off this months..ow yah..no matter what life takes u..u must be strong n pull through baby, pull through n keep prayin hard too..never forget that..

everything happened just so fast..done with the intern, doin part time job (still is), convo (yeah shout.. finally after 4 years!)..my bestie had to leave me n finally im here alone..still jugglin..ever since i born i think..workin..
hopefully everything will be as colorful as the rainbox after this..im lookin forward..

oh how i love to write somethin more close to the heart..cuz i just love entry that touches deeply but well i guess ive got not much TIME here..now so lets play pix lalala 'wink'

@ viva..<3 the garden concept

memperasankan diri @ office haha;P
@ sogo did my flash shoppin 4 the convo, so yah
there u go my transparent plastic bag..mahal tu haha;P
Arg bagi kepala senget sket;P
combined with the gorgeous model at the back
i got frozen haha;P

me n my niece during my convo haha
x dan dier gak nak enterprem

HAH ade munyik BOMBA lah maybe ade kecemasan kat mane2..i gotto off then hahah;P..til then ..next time.. i didnt have time (sorry terbanyak time;P).. GTG.. (^_^)V

before i 4get..


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