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Friday, December 10, 2010

Its done..sigh..

in the evenin during our B & K 07/08, MPG

blog oh blog..its been a long time..

been caught up with thesis thingy

i cant believe and now im done with my study for 3 1/2 years

i tried my friend glass..kelas buhsan amik pix jadinya hoho:P
so here's the post ..i want to summarize every major hit that ive been thru as a uni student:);P

maybe i should start from what makes me happy in this sem..these past few months..

cuz there are the one that still fresh in my mind ahaks;P

me n tasha, i got 'Queen' title for this nite.. my luck i guess :)

my bff and i at the maju junction to meet..guess who.. MZ..ehe MAher Zain.. i was so crazy when i knew that he's goin to UIA convo n ticket price is cheap..i didnt get to c his concert both in UIA n Shah Alam but in the end i still got the chance to meet him face to face..thats enough.period haha;P
i got to c MAHER ZAIN, my fav singer in meet-the-fans session..oh My he's charmin..im super excited! haha

when u had too many light, u can get all dizzy too yah.. i had that here:P

n below are the memories in our room with my best of the best bestie, hany..paling baek ngan sy kat upsi .. teman berjuang..knows my every tears..heart breakin stories is between the best to keep, kan? ;)

sinngah kat ict dalam wat program konsultasi.

here are my besties in UPSI..they got the loveliest heart, tahan ngan perangai saya ehe
i didnt go back home during both eid..so i celebrated em in college, Uni etc...sob sob..sound kesian kan? but im ok..i can deal with it..:)

college eidul fitri celebration with my homie
during University eidulfitri celeb, baju raya jadi baju pki kat mpg gak sob sob..naah..kiddin;P


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