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Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 resolutions

its dec 31st
few hours left to 2011
new years resolutions..thats what it always revolve around when were talkin bout new year
but before that have u guys achieve all your this year resolutions?
ive achieved 80%
the other 20% left are the biggest field of my life
so i need to work harder 2011
and the other one is regarding things thas wasnt make 4 mine hahaha..
but im so glad finally i got the gut to put an end to a misery
Sesungguhnya hanya Tuhan yang mengetahui apa yang terbaik bukan tuk kita
should i say there are so many things happened in 2010
which all significant
it had open my eyes n heart..gives me insights
2011 focus only for W.O.R.K.S. and money makin ???
and hopefully can scored 1 of my longed 3C(s) ehe 'wink2'
hopefully student and the citizen of SMK Sultan Azlan Shah
will welcome my friend and i with open heart

My bro and i went to TS this last monday..like usual ngan sape g nak kuar selain my adik klu dah xde kawan hukhuk
muke bulat looks telurish..dah macam dora the explorer at sebelah tu dah but xpelah..pa leh wat ehe

today is my mama's bday too actualy..she is 44 now:)

mama and i jejalan kat BB..ade same x muke kite;P
singgah solat kat masjid india plak;P
tesis alhamdulillah ..i got an A for this..lookin forward to another one in 2012 Insya Allah

until we meet again..after this, this blog will be based on work n information only..oh probably(;P)..no more bowrink bla bla of my life..haha..the private one i mean (i'll try).. salam everyone..may us grows stronger, healthier, happier, more mature, meet a lot of kind and inspiring people and situations n loved by many =)


Hood Kamil said...

amin..insyallah...!! =)

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