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Friday, December 10, 2010

Its done..sigh.. part II

a pix can speak a thousand words..im not at all smart in this photography thingy..what i know is ..m happy i took pix, m sad i took pix too..cuz sometimes i just couldnt speak what i feel, so i went out, take my own pix ..its what i call in my term..'rejuvenatin'.. therapy..

-life line memo-

 my niece, putri amira safiyah bt mohd. adam

in the bus with my coursemate..i can only name bus as my hubby for all i knew what it does in livin my life ahaks;P

lek kedah..tumpang uma kawan habiskan cuti sem sob sob:P
semasa directkan 1 bengkel with an officer of .. i cant tell..nanti kna saman hoho
ab sailin 4 the 1st time..best.i love this kinda stuff 
hati letih.mati.
the best MT to work with in berpersatuan..syg ngan meka
shima syg n bell..the best teamates dlm jayakan segala prncgn/ program,sayng..syg..


sue. said...

comelnye dieeee..sweet... =.)

starry_angel said...

eh xdela wak..
sy besa2 je :)

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