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Sunday, October 3, 2010

inspiring dawn

Assalamualaikum..n Olla everyone

for muslim, salam is our way n islam is the way of life..lets stop criticising like
"bertudung pun xda maknanya klu isi di dalam tetap busuk" yes, ure rite dear but look at the other spectrum at least they did what Allah told em to..perlukah sy mengulas dari sudut akidah lagi? x perlu rsnya.. and plz to women who's wearin hijab, lets take care of ourselves..cuz by wearin hijab, means that we're representing our religion officialy..so plz for all muslim lets focus and shift our energy to upgrade ourselves from time to time..n im admit i am myself who is writin this at this time isnt perfect, so what else we can do  but try to upgrade ourselves according to our ability

ive been bent and broken, but i hope into a better shape - charles dicken

upon everything that i learn, sufferin is the best teacher

Clock's tickin its..3.56am, Oct 04, 2010 (monday)

Have u ever walked around downtown or anyway u go..u look at em vendors,beggars, women, mother's holding their children's hand, a happy family, teenagers with their teeny boopers n so forth, the man / girl who do the dining, the labourer at the construction site..always make me wonderin how do they live their life...how much earnin effort do they make..i am realy touch actualy when i c those people who realy work their way hardly to make a livin..reflect to us..we should be very thankfull. For u who think u've commited sin in yr life..im not here to judge you..ive seen yr alley, trust me.. though i know only u knows better what uve been through but somehow u guys inspired me to look at this life in more dimension..Great teacher inspires, right? i hope u do too one day.

~ here is a simple entry..cuz im already too sleepy..ehe..later ~ (^_^)V


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