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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Authentic Pearl Bloom Brooches from Sabah For Sale


Assalamualaikum.. heylow everybody..

I cant believe its almost a year past since my last post here for the lack of pictures and technical problems

Status of blog has been in : Vegetable condition, comma, rehabilitating

but here i am giving a CPR needed to my baby,

the House of Miss efy

I am back

Back. For.Business.

literally ^_^

well, after all retirement is only for sissies...like the latest Arnold Shcwarzennegar film (woah attitude tol tagline film tuh;P)


i'm calling all u dear to take a look of what i offered you here.. in this post i am going to bring you a selection of pearl brooches from Sabah, the land below the wind..they're made of mutiara air tawar..

Before that dear, let me explain..there are two type pearl adornment the local sell there whether its brooches, necklaces or Baju Melayu button.. The1st is the mutiara air masin and 2nd is the mutiara air tawar.. Usually the one that can be crafted into brooches is mutiara air tawar for its natural build and the colors are usually white, black and peach. It's cheaper and widely used in the market yet it's still beautiful..realy beautiful..affordable beauty that everyone can have.

While the mutiara air masin is the more expensive type..it will usually only made into Necklace or Baju Melayu Button for its not easy to tuck here and there or to craft it into brooches. Its shape is also different, its not round,its like a bit oval with a lil flat surface at the tip of the pearl (look in detail please), the colors are the same, white, black and peach. The retail price is usualy above RM20.

But dearie, here i am bringing you a beautifully draped collection of Pearl Bloom Brooches made of mutiara air tawar  Authentically from Sabah..for its the mutiara air tawar whom is easy to craft into brooches and a few more latest design of brooches from there.

all is RM 15
buy 2 pieces = RM 25
(excluding post)
kindly order via email at efylois@gmail.com

status : all sold out

1. Double Black Pearl Bloom Brooch

2. Double White Pearl Bloom Brooch

3. Darker Peach Pearl Bloom Brooch

4. Double White Pearl Bloom Brooch

5. Double Drap Peach & White Bloom Brooch

6. Green Rose Bloom Brooch

7. Orange Rose Bloom Brooch

8. Peach Pearl Bloom Brooch


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