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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

everything is D.O.N.E!~

phew!~ what more can i say ..its been about 10 days i had finished my internship..finally i can find time jottin down somethin here..though in not-so-good mood..perhaps;P

ait cut it!

so many angels, so many big moment..i just couldnt ask for more..though i went to village area but bOy it was the best n indeed maybe the place that i realy need. It was a very enjoable moment. I almost think im not doin my internship in those time but i am Holidayin..got the best housemates..k jihah , k ida..tank Q sooo much. k. mai n k. bita ..i felt like i was very taken care of..hukhuk..

from left: hany (my partner of intern, k. bitah & k. mai (our kaunselor pembimbing) during the Teacher's Day Celebration:)

psst our UBK unit is exclusive..girls only..whoa whoa..we can even have slumber party or upacara merewang (talkin,talkin,talkin) inside haha ..its fine:)

with k jihah (beloved akak housem8 & k hanun)

its 2011,

my Bday..

i almost thought there wouldnt be anything this year cuz i was in my intern..no celebration of course but it turned out to be still jolly jOy moment in a unique way..though its one day late..mine was on April, 28 but then the next day on April 29th we hooped into a trip with another 36 students to Malacca, Putrajaya, Bookfair, museums (fine) n Pusat Sains Negara..hoho..i love celebratin my bday with a trip of getaway. Its refreshin..i dont care how n with whom is it gOin to be as long as ita a getaway place.. rejuvenatin!

my student n us

kemal one of my fa student:)

with student
what can i conclude is every student is pure..try to get close to em, u'll feel the purity inside..like i said.. they're all angel.


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