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Thursday, March 17, 2011

I am Single n I am alright


its the school holiday..funny only now i find this break is soooo valueable..
when i was a student back then..it means naahh..just.. usual i guess..
let alone to feel it so significant..

im back at my temporary sanctuary..have been in the internship for the 2nd month already.. 
it was a very shaky start for me at 1st
but then it goes so well..i couldnt express how much these kids meant to me..
its like everyday of my internship so far..ive met so many angels..
whether i was fallin apart or feelin so jolly jOy..
they've given me insights..they're like open another door to another door in this heart ( i myself didnt realise ive so many doors inside actualy hahaha;P)
its a feelin actualy..that has absorbin into deep within..im meek haha

i guess this is what it was known as the feelin of



i cant tell u how it feels but i think i could cry rite now by sayin this.. TQ Allah for everything..

1# everything that u do from your heart no matter how small it it..will brings u pure happiness n peace

alhamdulillah..tq Allah so much..despite everything..no matter what happened to me..n i dunno what will happened to me in the future..i am in peace rite now..whether i walk alone..in the train..ktm,lrt,busses.. i can tell my heart smiles n my minds in peace..

im not the type of socialite girl..though i probably look like it (owkay just assumin so;P) ..seriously..even from my pix..im always by myself.. if its not..it  would probably with the one who snap my pix ..meant i usualy hang out with only my closest friend or close knit friends.. in a pair (definitely..mostly:P).. let alone to go out with a guy only by myself..dont get me wrong ..its not like i never hang out with a guy by maself..i did..BUT..IT SELDOM HAPPENED.. when i go out with guy(s)..usualy i'll bring along a company or two..cuz yah i admit im a social nerve wreck..haha funny how my field is a social field..but when it comes to men..for hang out purpose..im a wreck huhu..

for that..call me uncool or countrygirl..its okay i think..by being myself (wacko wrecko;P) i know i save myself from 'kuar bedua'.. halal ke haram tu..'wink2'.. as long as i still can afford to not doing so (kuar bedua) i guess, i shud keep on with it..i say it in terms of hang out only yah..but then my policy will change when it comes to work or need to do something with guys..my work personality will be used;P..other than that..im comfortable with my way..i always hang out by myself..seriously..i do it most of the time..but im not a total lone ranger though..i go out with my friends / mates too if we have time to spare..i think i enjoy the best of both world..im alright..walkin alone or with friends..simply say

its soo me..while the girls/guys are in their line or in the middle of whatever theyre doin .. i just stroll myself gladly..no worries..:)

source: noemia

So my post today is about actualy this.. i couldnt get actualy how people can get so nut when they are alone.. S.I.N.G.L.E ( i am;P) to be exact.. i know some people just couldnt live alone..loneliness killin huh? but dont u think..girls, teenangers plz..if u re single right now..it means that God has keepin you..from any touches or hurts.. terjaga..til only yr right significant other nikah with u..that is the most right way..but sadly ure not realise it..n plz d .worry i believe if u are fully ready to commit ..being a wife or husband.. n u change yrself.. any weaknesses to goodness..God will pair u up with woman/ man who deserve u.. i see so many people who take marriage n make it sooo difficult..til it makes me think..izzit so hard nak bina masjid.. bukanke Tuhan suker hamba2nya bina masjid..y r they think so much bout the $$$.. dont get me wrong..i know $$$ is important for todays life especialy..


lookin at the other side..

theyre people who make it looks so easy..no hassle..n its happened accordin to syariah.. make me think.. ape yg nak dikejar sebenarnya..syariah ke.kenduri kendarat..hurm..n i found it people who make it looks so easy.. usualy theyr'e so great in personality..soft spoken, lemah lembut, baik hati n not suprised they meet the same future husband..sangat mengerti keadaan mereka..too many divorce happened n yet what theyre lookin for in a partner or marriage..owkay comin back to the topic..if only i can say to all the single people out there n teens especialy yg jiwa baru nak tebina..plz plz plz..dont be sad when ure single.. by being that ure a DIME, girls/guys..

n if we wanna get marry, we goin to be a mama/ father.. what would you like to give to your future child(ren).. wouldnt it be great if we ourselves can teach the kids alif,ba,ta.. a,b,c, 1,2,3.. i mean they know all the stuff from their parents not from KAFA class/ school..dont get me wrong..im not go against KAFA but i think its just soo great if the parent itselves made their kids 1st recognize the above mentioned from 'em. It was my mother n father who teach me n my siblings muQadam n Quran, tajwid, fasiha..lagu2 dlm ngaji..it was my mother who taught me when i won zone MTAQ in my primary school.. a,b,c n 1,2,3.. not from any other source..n i think my mama is the hero for that..today how many ppl out there can do this..we need quality of ourselves 1st before thinkin bout wanna get a companian..

plz read this

Dan (Dialah) yang menyatukan di antara hati mereka. Kalaulah engkau belanjakan segala (harta benda) yang ada di bumi, nescaya engkau tidak dapat juga menyatukan di antara hati mereka, akan tetapi Allah telah menyatu-padukan di antara (hati) mereka. Sesungguhnya Dia Maha Kuasa, lagi Maha Bijaksana. ( Anfal: 63)

 Allah dah kate hanye DIA yang mampu menyatukan hati sesama hamba-Nya..jadi selagi xde yg betaut..bersabarlah hati..moga sentiasa tenang dan damai sahaja

"Sesungguhnya di kalangan hamba-hamba Allah itu ada satu golongan,mereka bukan dari golongan para nabi ataupun syuhada',tetapi para nabi dan syuhada' mencemburui mereka,tempat mereka di sisi Allah s.w.t.Kata para sahabat,khabarkan kepada kami siapa mereka? Rasulullah S.A.W bersabda:"Mereka adalah satu kaum yang saling cinta-mencintai kerana Allah,bukan ada hubungan saudara-mara di kalangan mereka dan juga bukan kerana kepentingan.Demi Allah,di wajah mereka ada cahaya dan mereka di atas cahaya.Ketika manusia takut,mereka tidak takut.Ketika manusia bersedih,mereka tidak bersedih.Dan mereka berkata,sesungguhnya wali-wali Allah tidak takut dan tidak sedih."♥

ask me bout love? seriously.. i think im not great in that department..all i know..i think people who loves one another will be there, helpin each other through hardship..for i think i havent find it..so talkin bout that big 'L' thingy.. only the song of  Always Be There - Maher Zain runnin in my head..from then til now.. only God will never let u down in whatever situation ure in

p/s: i love action..the proof of words;)


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